Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Programs

Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Programs

Over the years, the stereotype for nurses has changed dramatically. Nurses were once thought to be dressed in white, caring for and prepping patients for doctor care. Nurses have always been a huge part of the medical field and their importance continues to grow.

Nurses nowadays have more importance that ever before. Nurses are given huge responsibility in medical settings and provide care that is irreplaceable by any other means. Patients rely on nurses to help them regardless of their ailments.

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What is Adult Nursing?

The aging community is one group that relies immensely on nurses to assist them with everyday care and assistance. Elderly individuals suffer from a range of different illnesses related to old age as well as different biological factors.

Nurses that wish to go the extra mile and provide even more care to the elderly may find a great home as an adult care nurse practitioner. These professionals are in growing demand; their care is necessary for people in the upper age bracket. As the aging population continues to grow, there will be more professionals needed in this field. There is no better time than now to enroll in an appropriate degree program.

Online Adult Nurse Practitioner Programs & Requirements

Bachelor’s level education is the first step to becoming a nurse practitioner.

Nursing is the required field for this career, since it is a sub-field of nursing as a whole. Students will find that the undergraduate nursing school is relevant to nurse practitioners to the highest degree. At the bachelor’s level, nursing majors will take part in extensive research into human health and anatomy. Nurses are also responsible for a lot of the social aspect of healthcare, communicating treatments to patients and relaying advice from doctors.

While in an undergraduate program, students will be introduced to anatomy, nursing tactics, as well as pharmaceuticals. All of the information gained while in an undergraduate program will provide a solid foundation for a career in this nursing practice. There are endless amounts of studies and procedures to be learned, so those interested in this field should have a desire for continual learning. Since the requirements for nurses have changed over the last decade, there are a lot of nurses that are working with lower level degrees. There are many transitional programs available that promote associate’s level degrees to bachelor’s or higher depending on each path. Nurses are encouraged to look into higher degree programs regardless of their current education level.

MSN in Adult Nurse Practitioner Degree

Most nurse practitioners are working at the master’s degree level. A master’s degree in this discipline can be completed in 2-3 years post bachelor’s and will allow graduates to gain experience to work in the field.

All MNP degrees require that students take part in supervised clinical experience, which involves working in hospitals or doctor’s offices under the direct supervision of instructors. The curriculum within these programs includes care and treatment procedures for the elderly population, physiology of aging, and pharmaceuticals. Since nurse practitioners have the ability to diagnose and treat illnesses, it is important that students learn the different diseases and their symptoms during this program.

Nurses in this specialty will also have the ability to prescribe needed medication to the patients that they treat, extending the importance of a thorough education. After completing this program and satisfying necessary clinical experience requirements, nurses will be eligible for licensure within their state. Most graduate programs require that nurses be registered prior to enrolling, so this requirement is likely already completed for most students.

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What Do Adult Care Nurse Practitioners Do?

Adult care nurse practitioners can work in a variety of settings after completing the education requirements set forth by their respective states. The aging population are typically seen in hospitals, private offices, and nursing home facilities. Adult care nurse practitioners can have their own clientele of patients in which they promote great health and wellness.

Assisting patients with everyday functioning is a huge priority of nurses in this specialty. Nurses in this field find it necessary to build strong relationships with their patients in order to gain trust. Patients in the older age bracket rely heavily on their care providers to ensure that they are getting their required medications, rehabilitation, and overall care.

Adult care nurse practitioners also work hard to ensure that patients are properly informed of the treatments that are being administered and the tests that are needed to determine courses of action. Nursing homes employ adult care nurse practitioners to care for large numbers of patients. With the assistance of license practical nurses and nursing aids, nurse practitioners can treat each patient depending on their individual needs. The importance of nurses in this specialty is high, especially with the increase in the aging population.

Nurse Practitioner Careers

Nurse practitioners that have specialized in the care of the elderly will find that salaries range from $68,830 to $131,050 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015). These salaries can vary widely depending on the state in which a professional works and his or her years of experience in the field. The ability to earn in this field solely relies on a professional’s willingness to work hard.

Setting goals that are beyond normal expectations will ensure that professionals succeed in this field. People want the best care when they employ a medical professional, so it is vital that nurses be able to provide it. Some areas of the United States have a greater demand for nurse practitioners in this division, making it financially worthwhile to find the best place for career opportunities.

The elderly population is one that has paid their dues to society. They deserve the very best of care from healthcare facilities. Those in the nursing field that study to become specialists in this field have found that the work is highly rewarding. Having the versatility to work in hospitals, small clinics, or even in their own private practice, nurse practitioners are more than satisfied with this line of nursing.

For those seeking a career choice that makes a difference in patients’ lives as well as their own, adult care nursing practice is a field that is sure to please.

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