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Delaware is a state the represents the hard working nature of Americans. The residents of this state rely heavily on the healthcare field as a source of employment as well as direct care. Professionals in the healthcare field have found that this area of the United States provides well for their professions.

Nurses that are already working in the healthcare field work hard to be the very best throughout their career. With the increasing number of new graduates in nursing each year, it is not easy to stand out from the crowd. Registered nurses that desire the satisfaction of being the best in their field are furthering their degree through RN to BSN programs in Delaware. While in these programs, students can expect to take part in extended learning in the field of nursing, including a variety of new scientific studies and techniques that are constantly being changed.

Since the healthcare field is something that continues to grow over time, nurses can constantly be exposed to new treatments and new theories that could better their practices in the field. Having a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing can give registered nurses the advantage they are looking for in this highly competitive field. Without doubt, furthering a degree in nursing could be the best decision for a nurse currently working in the field.

Featured Online RN to BSN Programs Accepting Applicants

University of Texas Arlington | Online Nursing Programs
✔ CCNE Accredited

The UTA RN to BSN program is 100% online, with flexible scheduling that allows current RN's to take courses either full-time or part-time to earn their BSN degree.

UT Arlington has the largest nursing program in Texas, and over 4,000 of the 6,630 nursing students are in the online RN to BSN program. Affordable program that can be completed in 13 months.

CCNE Accredited | 100% Online
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California State University San Marcos | Online Programs
✔ CCNE Accredited

100% online RN to BSN program is taught by the same award-winning, highly experienced faculty who teach on campus at California State University San Marcos (part of the California State University System).

CSUSM offers the unique opportunity to gain hands-on leadership and case management experience working in one of CSUSM's community health clinics. School of Nursing began in Fall 2006 with facilities made possible through a generous $2.5 million dollar donation by Palomar Health.

CCNE Accredited | 100% Online | Graduate in as few as 14 months
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Lamar University | Online Nursing Programs
✔ ACEN Accredited

The 100% Online RN to BSN program at Lamar University can be completed in as few as 13 months.

Online nursing classes are taught by the same professors who teach on campus and prepares graduates for professional nursing practice across healthcare settings.

ACEN Accredited | 100% Online | Can be completed in as few as 13 months
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Overview of Delaware RN to BSN Degrees and Courses

Convenience is the key for busy nurses wishing to pursue a higher degree. In this day and age, it is unreal to believe that a professional can simply quit a job and go back to school. In order to be the very best, registered nurses must be able to properly manage employment while being enrolled in a degree advancement program.

Finding a school that offers the right program is the first step. Secondly, convenient course scheduling is important, especially for nurses that are still employed. RN to BSN programs were designed to be easily fit into busy schedules.

Courses within this program are available during the day, at night, and even online. Online courses give learners the opportunity for independent learning, while still providing total support from instructors. With this level of convenience, it is easier than ever to obtain a higher degree in nursing. Higher degree programs include courses that take a longer look into the science and application of nursing.

RN to BSN Program Details

Advanced techniques and nursing application are some of the subjects of focus in these programs. RN to BSN programs are designed to teach, test, and assist students with becoming the professional that medical centers desire.

As students learn about the different aspects of nursing, they are scrutinized on their techniques, so that only the best performance is accepted. Nursing is a field that is concerned with patients centrally. The main focus of nursing is patient care, making it vital that nurses know everything about how to care for them. There is no lack of employment for individuals at this level, so graduates could get the most from their investment. Professionals at this degree level can work in a variety of fields, from education to business.

Higher degrees mean more consideration for higher tier positions in the nursing field as well. This field is constantly hiring regardless of the state of the economy. The nursing field is a highly providing source of employment for nurses, making one of the most popular degree choices for college students all over the country. There is not much of a better option for nurses wanting a career with options.

Accredited Online RN to BSN programs put a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree well within reach:
  • The University of Texas Arlington 100% Online RN to BSN program was adapted from UT Arlington’s on-campus program and restructured so prerequisites are now co-requisites and these may be completed concurrently with nursing courses. This unique delivery format is the most cost-effective and efficient way for a working associate’s degree (ADN) or diploma-prepared RN to advance to a bachelor’s-prepared RN, and is an affordable program that can be completed in 13 months.
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Nursing Career Trends

With less than one million residents, the state of Delaware is a small but largely diverse population. Hospitals and other medical facilities are constantly working hard to serve the residents of this state, regardless of their ailments. Nurses with a higher degree are more preferred for work in education settings or even specialty practices.

The need for great nurses remains high throughout this state. The higher education gained through undergraduate programs can give nurses the experience they need to be the best within their field.

Delaware Nursing Salary Information

For those at the bachelor’s level, annual salaries are around $70,160 on average (BLS, 2015). Those seeking an increase in pay or the potential for more working possibilities can find that taking part in RN to BSN programs is the route to take.

It is important to consider both the earning potential and the convenience of these programs prior to enrolling. The ability to earn is greatly increased after this degree program. The courses in these programs provide learners with extensive knowledge and experience, without being inconvenient. Nurses that are currently employed full-time have found that the RN to BSN programs in Delaware are flexible and fitting for even the busiest schedule.

When considering the best option for a profitable and meaningful degree advancement, RN to BSN programs are the answer.

Full List of RN to BSN Degree Programs in Delaware

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School Listings
University of Delaware

Online: Nursing school offers hybrid or online programs

Nursing Degrees: RN to BSN
Programs: Registered Nurse to BSN
Accreditation: CCNE: Bachelors Program, CCNE: Masters Program
Wilmington University

Online: Nursing school offers hybrid or online programs

Nursing Degrees: RN to BSN
Programs: RN to BSN, RN to BSN Pathway
Accreditation: CCNE: Bachelors Program, CCNE: Masters Program