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School Level Program Admissions
Campbellsville University Bachelor RN to BSN Website
Sacred Heart University Bachelor RN-BSN - RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Website
Utica University Bachelor RN to Bachelor of Science Website
Benedictine University Bachelor RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) Website
Notre Dame of Maryland Bachelor RN-BSN Website

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We have 20 RN to BSN Programs in Missouri in our directory.

RN to BSN programs were designed to assist current nursing professionals with meeting current societal expectations, especially that of employers. These programs were created to be flexible according to nurse's busy schedule and provide the knowledge and experience that nurses need to be up to par on the recent educational requirements.

The changes in the educational requirements for nurses allowed the state of Missouri to implement helpful degree programs that can effectively promote an associate's degree to bachelor's level in under 2 years.

Completing the Degree While Still Working

As a nurse currently working in the field, it can be difficult to imagine taking college courses without having to decrease a work schedule. RN to BSN programs provide courses during the day and at night, making the decision to take part in the program easier for hard working nurses.

The healthcare field is one that is constantly being upgraded. Technology provides for more discoveries, which allows for more effective treatments, making a higher degree program helpful for current nurses. Nurses that have already taken part in an associate's degree program deserve the support in promoting their degree.

School Level Program Admissions
Methodist University Associate and Bachelor Online Associates and Bachelors Programs Website

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Missouri's RN to BSN programs provide what nurses need to get to the level they need to be without a lot of change. In positions that provide so much to the people of Missouri, nurses deserve the opportunity to better their lives.

University and Online Degree Options in Missouri

There are numerous universities that provide appropriate RN to BSN programs. The course program at each university provides relevant information that can assist learners with becoming better professionals. Since the program is shorter than most higher degree programs, students are provided with specific and relevant information.

Most introductory courses in nursing provide knowledge in general fields such as anatomy. In RN to BSN programs, the curriculum is designed to build on what was learned in lower degree programs to mold a more effective professional. While in the RN to BSN program, individuals can engage in courses such as Clinical Care Across the Lifespan and Advanced Nursing Practice. These programs are designed to give learners the experience needed to effectively care for patients regardless of ailment.

RN to BSN programs can also be attended online, which provides the same helpful information in a more convenient setting. These courses are just as informative and relevant as traditional learning programs. After completion of the program, graduates can find that there are more promotional opportunities available to them outside of traditional nursing. Nurses should no longer be stuck in a lower level position, with no hope higher positions throughout their career.

The Need for Nurses in the Workforce

Most management level positions require that nurses have at least a bachelor’s degree and some experience combined. Those already working in the field can find that they have more opportunity to work in specialized fields such as research or even education. There is no end to the possibilities for nurses that are willing to complete RN to BSN promotional programs.

RN to BSN programs provide what nurses need to stay ahead of the game while still maintaining a stable way of life by working in the field. Nurses are found in many different types of businesses. From sports medicine to cancer treatment centers, nurses provide support to patients with varying needs. As a source of income, nursing is reliable and respectable for individuals at the bachelor’s level.

Missouri Nursing Salaries

In comparison to other bachelor’s level careers, nursing is one of the higher paying. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that nurses can earn $58,040 per year on average while working in Missouri. As a field that has only increased in popularity over the years, nursing has always been a great source of income for families.

Nursing is one field that remains untouched by the increase and decrease of the economy as well as unemployment. The RN to BSN programs in Missouri can be attended in person or online, giving even more people the opportunity to enjoy them. They adjust to the needs of working professionals, with universities providing the flexibility that nurses need. Most nurses are balancing a busy working schedule with family responsibilities, so the availability of convenience is a must-have.

The addition of a degree program can be overwhelming. These programs are designed with the professional in mind, providing support and helpful resources to nurses that are enrolled. Making the choice to become a bachelor’s level professional could be well worth the time and effort that goes into it. With little effort involved, nurses can solidify their standing in the nursing community with a higher degree program in Missouri.

List of Programs

Avila University
Kansas City,
Chamberlain College of Nursing
St. Louis
  • Online RN-BSN to MSN Online BridgeACEN
  • Online RN-BSN to MSN Online BridgeACEN
  • RN to BSN Online Degree CompletionACEN
Cox College
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
  • RN to BSN CompletionACEN
Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College
Saint Louis
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
Graceland University
Hannibal-LaGrange College
  • Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing for RNsACEN
Lincoln University
Jefferson City
  • Online RN to BSNACEN
Maryville University of St. Louis
St. Louis
  • RN to BSN CompletionCCNE
Missouri State University-West Plains
West Plains
  • BSN Completion for RNsACEN
  • Online BSN Completion for RNsACEN
Missouri Western State University
Saint Joseph
National American University - Missouri
Kansas City
  • Online RN to BSNACEN
Park University
  • BSN Completion ProgramACEN
Saint Louis University
Saint Louis
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
Southeast Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
Southwest Baptist University
  • Bachelor of Science in NursingACEN
University of Central Missouri
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
University of Missouri - Columbia
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
University of Missouri - Kansas City
Kansas City
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
University of Missouri - St. Louis
St. Louis
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
Webster University
St. Louis
  • RN to Bachelor of Science in NursingACEN

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