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Nursing is a field that is popular in every state. The nursing field has always been a source of support for individuals with illnesses. The growing interest in this field is likely due to the reliability of nursing through any economic situation. With the growing numbers of hospitals and healthcare providing facilities, nurses are needed around every corner.

Qualified professionals are not easy to find. Most employers have changed the way that they accept employees, making it difficult for associate's level nurses to obtain the same positions they once could. Bachelor's level education has grown to be a necessity for nurses in Mississippi, with has led to popularity of RN to BSN programs.

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Changes to Nursing Programs in Mississippi

Mississippi’s residents have grown to nearly 3 million in recent years, which has increased the need for nursing professionals. Health care is a field that is not affected by recessions or other negative changes in the economy.

In recent years, the changes that employers have implemented in their hiring process has changed the way that current nurses view their positions. Some employers will only accept nurses that hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Since Mississippi has provided RN to BSN programs for nurses throughout the state, the decision to get back into school has been easier than ever for busy nursing professionals.

Making a decision that affects the financial stability of a person’s life can be difficult, but this is one that is well worth the time and effort that goes into it.

Completing Your RN to BSN Program

As the most reliable source of support for busy hospitals and medical facilities, nurses are always in high demand. Obtaining a higher degree is something that provide extensive knowledge into the field of medicine and provide experience that can last a lifetime. RN to BSN programs provide nurses with the credentials they need to succeed, making job acquisition an easy task.

Nurses in RN to BSN programs have already been introduced to nursing in associate’s programs. They already know the basics of nursing, but desire the additional knowledge needed for better positions. Information gained through these degree advancement programs provide even more useful knowledge that could open up opportunities that were not once available.

RN to BSN programs are designed to prepare students for careers in specialty positions and management positions alike. Nurses at the bachelor’s level can also work in schools or even scientific research centers. Each of these field provides a needed service to individuals.

Nursing Employment Opportunities in Mississippi

There are continuous employment openings for nurses at this level, so graduates at this level can stand assured that their degree could be worth the hard work. Wages are competitive in the field of nursing, which is one of the reasons that this field is so high in popularity.

The healthcare field is a diverse platform that needs nurses in all fields. At a bachelor’s level, nurses provide a source of knowledge and leadership to nurses working under them. To be considered for management positions, most nurses hold at least a bachelor’s degree and have some experience working in the field. The combination of these two factors can give nurses what they need to be considered for such positions. Enrolling in an RN to BSN program could provide nurses with a long-lasting career in the healthcare field.

Completing an RN to BSN Program While in the Workforce

RN to BSN programs are designed specifically for registered nurses that are already working in the field. The program provides support and flexible scheduling to accommodate the busy nature of the nursing profession. These programs were designed to allow current professionals to attend classes while still working regular hours.

Some programs even offer online learning to provide more convenience to learners. Regardless of whether learners choose to learn in the classroom or through online instruction, the curriculum is designed to provide the most current information in the field of nursing. As a scientific career path, new and more innovated technologies are constantly being introduced. Not only does furthering an education provide better employment opportunities, but it also contributes greatly to the knowledge of nurses.

Mississippi Nursing Salary Information

There is no end to the possibilities for those that take part in RN to BSN programs in Mississippi. According to the BLS, those that have completed a BSN in nursing can earn $56,560 per year on average. Most people weigh the financial gain heavily when determining whether or not to go back to school.

The increase in income due to advancing a degree is well worth the hard work that goes into this degree program. For individuals that are still seeking the lifelong promise of a great career, RN to BSN programs are the answer. Finding the right university and choosing the right program is the first step to changing lives for the better.

List of Programs

Delta State University
  • Online RN to BSN CompletionCCNE
Mississippi College
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
Mississippi University for Women
  • Baccalaureate Program in NursingACEN
University of Mississippi Medical Center
University of Southern Mississippi
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
William Carey University
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE

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