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Why Get a Degree in Nursing Health Informatics?

Obtaining a Master's degree in Nursing Health Informatics can open the door to a variety of different opportunities for professionals. Since this degree provides both a prominent standing as a nurse and an IT professional, it provides well for its professionals.

Salaries vary depending on experience and location. Since this degree path generally requires some experience, wages are typically higher than that of standard registered nurses. The educational programs available vary in length and degree requirements. Degree programs in nursing health informatics are available online or in the classroom.

Depending on what type of schedule learners require, there is a program to fit the needs of each. Online learning has changed the way that students receive an education. In a typical online course, students will be expected to engage in discussions, group projects, and individual studies. Regardless of which route is taken, accredited universities provide reliable and fulfilling degree programs for each individual.

School Level Program Admissions
Seton Hall University Master MSN: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Website
George Mason University Master MSN - Family Nurse Practitioner Website
Sacred Heart University Master RN to BSN to Master of Science in Nursing Website
Nova Southeastern University Master MSN Website
Campbellsville University Master Online MSN with FNP Track Website
Benedictine University Master Master of Science in Nursing Website
Benedictine University Master Nurse Educator MSN Website
Benedictine University Master Nurse Executive Leader MSN Website
Bethel University Master Master of Science in Nursing: Administrator Website

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Master's in Nursing Informatics

Most prospects for health informatics begin after obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. Upon completion of this degree, students can continue with a Master of Science in Nursing with a focus on health informatics.

While in the informatics degree program, students will take courses such as health systems and policy, information technology project management, and system analysis and design. Since the responsibilities in this field range from implementation of new systems to evaluations of systems, knowledge of technology and the changing trends is a must for individuals in this degree program.

Since technology is constantly upgrading and changing the way that systems operate, continuing education is also required to ensure that professionals can provide the best service available. Upon completion of this degree program, health informatics specialists should be able to identify system properties, analyze system data, and even take part in the optimization of different health information systems. The more advanced that health information systems become, the more career professionals in this field will be desired by top-name health care facilities across the country.

The Versatility of Informatics in Nursing and Healthcare

Nursing has always been a highly versatile field. As first hand support to hospitals and other medical facilities, nurses are the central command. There are a lot of responsibilities associated with being a nurse. Taking care of patients in a caring and professional manner is only a small part of what nurses are responsible for in recent times, though.

The increase in restrictions and expectations of health centers has molded the nursing profession into much more. Patient information should remain just as protected as the patient. The systems implemented to contain and protect this information must be maintained by trained nursing professionals. As technology changes the way that business is handled, it is vital that nurses have the knowledge and skills to stay up to date with current requirements and be able to lead a team into the same understanding.

Health information systems and programs are needed to ensure that the high influx of patients are handled correctly and accurately. Health insurance, treatment plans, and billing systems are needed to keep the flow of business at a manageable rate, all while allowing nurses to maintain their comfortable level of productivity.

With a degree focusing on health informatics, nurses will be a priceless addition to any health facility.

Why Nursing Informatics

Since nurses have always been the responsible parties for patients and their personal information, they seemed to be the best fit for handling these systems. As technology has grown even larger, the restrictions have increased, making it almost always necessary for nurses to have continuing education to be considered for a job handling these health information systems.

Over the years, changing technology has changed the way that the medical field operates. With innovative health information systems, hospitals and other medical facilities have been forced to implement training and job responsibilities that pertain directly to these information systems.

Health Informatics Bridges the Gap Between Nursing and IT

In order to properly run and maintain these systems, the field of nursing has created its own sub-class to bridge the gap between nursing and the information technology that comes along with the territory. Health informatics specialists are trained to accurately operate and maintain health care information systems.

Since these systems contain such fragile information regarding patients and medical histories, a trained professional is required to be on staff in order to maintain its integrity. For those seeking more IT oriented field of nursing, health informatics is a great place to find a career.

Health and Nursing Informatics Careers

A career in health informatics does not begin immediately after an education. In order to be a part of this career field, nurses need education plus experience. Experienced registered nurses are the most preferred candidates for these jobs.

What Do Health Informatics Nurses Do?

Since health informatics requires extensive knowledge of treatment procedure, insurance billing, and medical records, it is likely that this position is not fit for entry-level workers. Choosing this specialty communicates an understanding of the sensitive information that is handled throughout medical facilities as well as a respect for information technology.

The better an individual understanding the information technology field as well as the nursing field, the more successful he or she will be in the health informatics field. Those interested should be familiar with computer systems at a minimum and be willing to learn how these systems operate. Enthusiasm about further education in IT and its relationship with the nursing field will go a long way in this path. Development and testing of these systems is a major responsibility of someone in the health informatics field.

List of Nursing Informatics Programs

All Nursing Informatics Programs

See below for the list of all of the Nursing Informatics programs in our database.
American Sentinel University
  • Online MSN Nursing informaticsCCNE
Capella University
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
  • Online RN to MSN in Nursing InformaticsCCNE
Chamberlain College of Nursing
St. Louis
  • Online MSN Informatics Specialty TrackACEN
Drexel University
  • Clinical Trials Research OnlineACEN
  • Online Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Programin Clinical Trials ResearchACEN
Durham Regional Hospital
  • Nurse InformaticsACEN
Excelsior College
  • RN to Master of Science in Nursing: Nursing InformaticsACEN
  • RN to Master of Science in Nursing: Nursing InformaticsACEN
Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • MSN Nursing Information SystemsCCNE
Ferris State University
Big Rapids
  • MSN Nursing InformaticsACEN
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsACEN
Georgia College and State University
  • Online MSN: Heathcare InformaticsACEN
Georgia Southwestern State University
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsACEN
Governors State University
University Park
  • Online Nursing Informatics (MSN)ACEN
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Nursing Informatics Graduate CertificateCCNE
Joint DNP Program University of Alabama
  • MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
Middle Tennessee State University
  • Online Health Care Informatics MSNACEN
  • Online MSN Health Care InformaticsCCNE
National University
San Diego
  • MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
New York University
New York
  • Advanced Certificate Nursing InformaticsCCNE
  • Online MS Nursing InformaticsCCNE
Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights
  • MSN in Nursing InformaticsACEN
  • Online MSN in Nursing InformaticsACEN
Nova Southeastern University
Fort Lauderdale
  • MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
South University
  • MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
  • MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
Tennessee Board of Regents
  • Online MSn in Nursing InformaticsACEN
Tennessee Technological University
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
  • Online Post Masters Certificate Nursing InformaticsCCNE
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
Thomas Edison State College
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsACEN
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
  • Online Nursing Informatics Certificate ProgramACEN
Thomas Jefferson University
  • Online MSN CSA/Nursing InformaticsCCNE
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
Troy University
  • Online MSN Nursing Informatics OnlineACEN
University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
University of Colorado
  • MSN Health Care InformaticsCCNE
University of Kansas
Kansas City
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
University of Maryland
  • MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey
  • Nursing Informatics MSNACEN
  • Post Master's Certificate Program in Nursing InformaticsACEN
University of Miami
Coral Gables
  • MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
University of Phoenix
  • Online MSN InformaticsCCNE
University of Pittsburgh
  • MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
  • MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
University of San Diego
San Diego
  • MSN Health Care InformaticsCCNE
University of South Alabama
  • MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
University of Utah
Salt Lake City
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
University of Washington
  • Online MS Clinical Informatics and Patient-Centered TechnologiesCCNE
Vanderbilt University
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsACEN
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsACEN
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsACEN
Walden University
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE
Waynesburg University
  • Online MSN Nursing InformaticsCCNE

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