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We have 718 Registered Nurse Programs in our database. Depending upon the program, this degree may also be called an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) or Associate of Arts in Nursing (AAN).

These degree programs are typically found at community or junior colleges. Approximately a third of today's working nurses have started their careers with this degree. That said, the ADN degree has begun to be deprecated, with the BSN in 10 initiative, as many RN's with an ADN have worked to get their BSN degree.

According to the National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing, ADN programs have increased in number since they were first introduced in the late 1950's. There are now approximately 1,000 programs available in the U.S.

Overview of the ADN

It takes approximately two years to get your degree if you take a full-time credit load. Before taking nursing classes, you are required to take prerequisites such as English, biology, chemistry, and math. You then move on to classes that are closely related to your future nursing practice such as pharmacology, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, and nutrition.

You'll learn practical skills such as operating technical equipment, starting intravenous lines, and inserting catheters both in the classroom and during clinical rotations at hospitals and other facilities.

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Getting Your License

After you get your degree, you will take an exam to obtain your RN license. You can find more information about getting and maintaining your license by contacting the board of nursing in your state.

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing also has additional information about the exam.

Careers with an ADN

In most nursing specialties and settings, RNs take care of patients. This includes tasks such as documenting in charts, giving medications, performing treatments, and doing diagnostic tests. Along with physical care, nurses also educate patients and families and act as advocates to meet their patients – healthcare needs.

Nurses need to be expert communicators because a large portion of the job is coordinating all aspects of your patient’s care and meeting with other members of the healthcare team to solve problems.

Other Education Options

Other options for obtaining an RN license include a hospital-based diploma program, four-year BSN or an accelerated BSN for those who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field. With regard to further education or job promotions, a hospital-based diploma is the same as an associate’s degree. A bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, can mean more money and more professional nursing opportunities.

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