LPN to RN Online Degree Programs (250+)

The aim of an LPN to RN program is for a Licensed Practical Nurse to get ready to sit for the NCLEX-RN examination / test to become qualified with a RN license.

LPN to RN programs come in different shapes and forms. Junior or community colleges and test preparation courses are the most widely taken courses for LPN to RN. These programs typically prepare you to sit for the NCLEX-RN examination. LPN to RN programs are sometimes referred to as "bridge" programs, and it tends to take roughly 18 months to 2 years to complete the preparation to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam.

Because many LPNs are already working, some programs offer evening or weekend schedules and Online LPN to RN or hybrid LPN to RN classes.

Admission criteria varies from program to program, but most require at least six months experience as an LPN, current LPN licensure, and recommendation forms. Many also require completion of the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), which measures basic grammar and math abilities. Be sure to check with the admissions department of any LPN to RN program you are looking at to make sure you meet the qualifications for their program.

LPN to RN online programs are common among those that are looking to bridge their LPN education to an RN program that goes into a more detailed curriculum. You can utilize our directory of programs to find the right one for you and we also dive into the details around degree itself so you are fully aware of what the program entails.

You may consider a featured Online LPN to RN preparation exam organization that is currently accepting LPNs into their preparation course.

How do I go from an LPN to an RN?

Bridging the gap between LPN status and RN status can be completed using available online LPN to RN degree advancement programs.

Since the transition from associate to bachelor level nurses has become so prominent over the last decade, more bridge programs are opening up to ease the transition for LPNs that are searching for higher education. We will provide you with more details on the LPN to RN online degree program below.

Licensed practical nurses provide first-hand support to patients in a clinical setting. If you are interested in learning about the steps it takes to become an LPN, then we have exactly what you need. Continue reading below for more details.

  • IF ALREADY YOU HAVE YOUR RN LICENSE: if you have your RN license, you should consider one of the RN to BSN programs accepting applicants, or an RN to MSN program. You can click on either to view our detailed write-up of each plus programs available.
  • IF YOU ARE AN LPN/LVN: You can consider an online test preparation course that helps prepare you for the RN NCLEX and your RN license. Below is a sponsored online LPN to RN program that you may be interested in – they are currently accepting applicants into their program.
Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

LPN to RN Online Degree Details

Most LPN to RN online degree programs take 68-72 credit hours to complete. Some universities offer very structured formats with specific time frames of completion, but others are more relaxed in scheduling flexibility – allowing students to take a comfortable amount of classes at their own pace.

If you take classes at a standard, full-time rate, you could potentially complete the program in 1 to 1 ½ years. Tuition varies depending on the university, but typical online LPN to RN bridge programs charge a rate of $242 per credit hour for general education requirements and $262 per credit hour for core nursing courses. Fees may also be applicable depending on the school.

Online learning surpasses traditional platforms in more than one way. Since you are likely already established as a licensed LPN, you probably have a full-time job. Online degree programs complement busy work schedules, allowing you to continue working while managing school work in your down time. Also, online course formats provide for convenient communication methods with instructors and other students, making them an ideal candidate for higher degree programs.

Sample Courses

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Leadership Concepts in Nursing

LPN to RN Programs – State Information

Below you can see a quick summary of the state of LPN to RN programs in each state, including the total number of LPN to RN programs and the breakdown of campus-based vs. online programs. Jump to the school list of LPN to RN programs to see all programs.

State Campus Based
LPN to RN Programs
LPN to RN Programs
Total Number of
LPN to RN Programs
Alabama 13 1 14
Alaska 1 1
Arizona 2 1 3
Arkansas 10 1 11
California 16 1 17
Colorado 4 4
Connecticut 1 1
Florida 12 1 13
Georgia 6 1 7
Hawaii 2 2
Idaho 2 2
Illinois 6 6
Indiana 3 1 4
Iowa 1 1
Kansas 5 2 7
Kentucky 2 1 3
Louisiana 6 6
Maine 1 1
Maryland 5 5
Massachusetts 3 3
Michigan 7 1 8
Minnesota 8 8
Mississippi 8 1 9
Missouri 7 7
Montana 2 2
Nebraska 1 1
Nevada 1 1
New Hampshire 3 3
New Jersey 9 2 11
New Mexico 3 3
New York 5 1 6
North Carolina 3 3
North Dakota 1 1
Ohio 20 2 22
Oklahoma 11 11
Oregon 1 1
Pennsylvania 7 1 8
Rhode Island 1 1
South Carolina 9 9
South Dakota 1 1
Tennessee 7 7
Texas 21 2 23
Utah 2 2
Virginia 8 8
Washington 5 2 7
West Virginia 7 1 8
Wisconsin 5 3 8
Wyoming 1 1 2

Job Outlook for RN’s

Registered Nurse Careers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, becoming a registered nurse (RN) is the most common choice for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) who want to advance their careers, work in a greater variety of professional roles, and to potentially make more money.

Our society has placed a growing strain on the healthcare industry to expand with the population. The job growth detailed above should give you a good idea of how this specialty can possibly expand in the coming years, marking the need for more nursing professionals.

  • LPN Salary- $43,170 on average per year (BLS; 2015)
  • RN Salary – $67,490 on average per year (BLS; 2015)
  • Job Growth – 16% from 2014-2024 (BLS; 2015)

In addition to the growth, take a look at the annual salary differences between the two professions. You can potentially increase your yearly earnings by over 55% in 1-2 years by successfully completing a LPN to RN online program. Having licensure at the LPN level can set the stage for what could potentially be the best decision you make for a better future.

Job Duty Comparisons of LPN vs. RN

The practical standards of the LPN restrict some of the job responsibilities that are expected to be completed on a daily basis. Take a look below at a breakdown of daily duties and work environments of both LPNs and RNs to get a better understanding of the differences between each license.

LPN Work Environment

Licensed practical nurses are found in nursing and rehabilitation centers most frequently. These centers provide care and assistance to patients of old age or patients that are suffering from debilitating illnesses or injury. Although these professionals can also be found in other healthcare settings, such as home health, clinics, and hospitals, nursing homes and residential care centers are the most popular setting for LPNs.

What they do

  • Helps patients bathe and dress in residential facilities
  • Help maintain comfort for patients and receive feedback on care
  • Takes blood pressure and other vitals
  • Reports patient status to registered nurses or physicians

RN Work Environment

Registered nurses are found in numerous settings in the healthcare field. Hospitals, clinics, private offices, and even specialty care centers employ nurses to help manage the high number of patients that visit each day. Nurses also have the opportunity to be employed by schools and universities to assist with student illness and injury. Some of the less common fields for nurses are government agencies, sports and fitness, airlines, and private homes.

Often, an RN will work in a hospital or a doctor’s office and can potentially see a lot of travel or very little depending on the type of care you get involved with and the demand for registered nurses in a given geographical area. You’ll likely be in close contact with patients that might be suffering from a variety of different kinds of illnesses and injuries.

What they do

  • Performs diagnostic tests and procedures
  • Provide medication and minor treatments to patients
  • Assess and possibly diagnosis certain conditions
  • Supervises other RNs or LPNs under their direction

Why is it important to become an RN if I’m already an LPN?

Working as a licensed LPN can be a great achievement. You owe it to yourself to take pride in what you have accomplished and look for even more opportunity for growth in your future. The trend towards more responsibility for RNs is a great reason to choose to pursue the online LPN to RN program.

As an LPN, it is likely that you are restricted to the settings in which you can work and the responsibilities that you are given on a daily basis. Obtaining your RN license can give you more freedom to choose your work environment, while potentially earning a lot more per year in the process.

Statistics show that growth in the nursing field is at a high rate, making this a great time to enroll in online LPN to RN programs.

List of Programs

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
laptop www.abac.edu/nursing/
Tifton GA
  • One Year LPN to RN Bridge Program
Aiken Technical College
laptop www.atc.edu/Catalog/current/C2h.aspx#MajorinNursing
Aiken SC
  • Liscensed Practical Nurse to Associate Degree Nurse Transition
Anne Arundel Community College
laptop www.aacc.edu/nursing/lpntorn_intro.cfm
Arnold MD
  • LPN to RN Program
Anoka-Ramsey Community College
laptop www.anokaramsey.edu/en/classes/ProgramsA-Z.aspx
Coon Rapids MN
  • Registered Nurse: LPN-RN - AS
Arkansas State University
laptop www2.astate.edu/a/conhp/nursing/index.dot
Jonesboro AR
  • LPN to RN Program
Bacone College
laptop www.bacone.edu/academics/schools-and-divisions/health-science.html
Muskogee OK
  • LPN to RN Transition Program
Baptist Health Schools Little Rock
laptop www.bhslr.edu/programs-of-study/rn-accelerated/
Little Rock AR
  • LPN/LPTN/Paramedic to RN
  • Registered Nursing (Accelerated Track)
Baptist School of Health Professions
laptop www.bshp.edu/prospective-students/careers/lvnRNMobility.aspx
San Antonio TX
  • LVN to RN Advanced Placement
Bay de Noc Community College
laptop www.baycollege.edu/?nursing
Escanaba MI
  • ADN Completion Program
Bemidji State University
laptop http://www.bemidjistate.edu/academics/schools/nursing/
Bemidji MN
  • Nursing AS - LPN Step-in Track
Bethel College
laptop www.bethelcollege.edu/academics/programs/nursing/
Mishawaka IN
  • LPN to RN One Year Option
Blinn College
laptop http://www.blinn.edu/twe/healthsciences.html
Bryan TX
  • LVN to ADN Transition
Blue Ridge Community and Technical College
laptop www.blueridgectc.edu/allied_health/nursing/home.htm
Martinsburg WV
  • LPN to RN Transition
Bluefield State College
laptop www.bluefieldstate.edu/index.php?option=com_flexicontent&view=items&cid=115&id=783:sonah&Itemid=431
Bluefield WV
  • Accelerated LPN TO RN Program
  • LPN to RN
Calhoun Community College
laptop www.calhoun.edu/Health/ADN.htm
Decatur AL
  • Career Mobility Program (LPN-RN Bridge)
California State University - Sacramento
laptop www.csus.edu/HHS/NRS/
Sacramento CA
  • LVN to RN
Cape Fear Community College
laptop cfcc.edu/academicDepartments.html
Wilmington NC
  • Associate Degree Nursing Transition Program
Carl Sandburg College
laptop http://www.sandburg.edu/academics/college-nursing
Galesburg IL
  • LPN - RN Articulation
Carolinas HealthCare System
laptop http://www.carolinashealthcare.org/carolinas-college-of-health-sciences
Charlotte NC
  • LPN-to-ADN Option
Carrington College - Boise
laptop http://carrington.edu/degrees/
Boise ID
  • LVN to RN
Carroll Community College
laptop http://www.carrollcc.edu/courses/credit/programs/view/24
Westminster MD
  • Registered Nurse Track for Licensed Practical Nurses
Central Alabama Community College
laptop http://www.cacc.edu/index.php?submenu=Nursing_Division&src=gendocs&ref=Academics_Nursing&category=Academics_Nursing
Childersburg AL
  • LPN to RN
Central Carolina Technical College
laptop http://www.cctech.edu/academics/971.htm
Sumter SC
  • LPN to ADN Option
Central New Mexico Community College
laptop http://www.cnm.edu/programs-of-study/health-wellness-public-safety
Albuquerque NM
  • LPN to RN
Central Ohio Technical College
laptop http://www.cotc.edu/Academics/Pages/Nursing-Technologies.aspx
Newark OH
  • LPN to ADN Transition
Central Texas College
laptop http://www.ctcd.edu/academics/instructional-departments/nursing/
Killeen TX
  • LVN to ADN Transition
Chamberlain College of Nursing
laptop www.chamberlain.edu/#
Phoenix AZ
  • Online LPN to RN
Cisco College
laptop www.cisco.edu/s/926/index.aspx?sid=926&gid=1&pgid=311
Abilene TX
  • Online Associate Degree in Nursing
Clark State Community College
laptop http://www.clarkstate.edu/academics/majors-programs/
Springfield OH
  • LPN to RN
  • Paramedic to RN
College of Central Florida
laptop www.cf.edu/departments/instruction/health/index.htm
Ocala FL
  • Licensed Practical Nurse to Associate Degree Nursing Bridge
College of Menominee Nation
laptop www.menominee.edu/uploadedFiles/CMN/Academics/AAS%20Nursing.pdf
Keshena WI
  • Online Nursing Bridge ADN
College of Saint Mary
laptop csm.edu/Academics/Undergraduate_Programs/Nursing/
Omaha NE
  • Licensed Practical Nurse to Associate Degree in Nursing(LPN-ASN)
College of Southern Idaho
laptop hshs.csi.edu/registered_nursing/
Twin Falls ID
  • Licensed Practical Nurse to Registered Nursing Completion Program
College of Southern Nevada
laptop http://www.csn.edu/health.asp
Las Vegas NV
  • LPN to RN Bridge
College of the Canyons
laptop http://www2.canyons.edu/Departments/NURSNG/Pages/default.aspx
Santa Clarita CA
  • LVN to RN
College of the Mainland
laptop www.com.edu/degrees-programs/nursing.php
Texas City TX
  • Nursing LVN to RN Transitional Track
Columbia State Community College
laptop http://columbiastate.edu/academics/health-sciences/nursing
Columbia TN
  • LPN to RN Bridge Options
Columbus State Community College
laptop www2.cscc.edu/academics/departments/nursing/
Columbus OH
  • LPN to RN
Concordia University Irvine
laptop http://www.cui.edu/academicprograms/nursing
Irvine CA
  • LVN to RN
Copiah-Lincoln Community College
laptop www.colin.edu/associate-degree-nursing-info
Wesson MS
  • LPN to RN Accelerated Program
Crowder College
laptop http://www.crowder.edu/academics/departments/nursing/
Neosho MO
  • LPN to RN
Cumberland County College
laptop www.cccnj.edu/departments/nursing/default.aspx
Vineland NJ
  • LPN to RN Transition Option
Cypress College
laptop www.cypresscollege.edu/academics/academicPrograms/HealthScience/RegisteredNursing
Cypress CA
  • Career Mobility LVN to RN
Dabney S. Lancaster Community College
laptop www.dslcc.edu/program/nurs_allied_health/nursing/index.html
Clifton Forge VA
  • LPN Bridge Program
Dakota Wesleyan University
laptop www.dwu.edu/catalog/courses/nursing.htm
Mitchell SD
  • Associate of Arts in Nursing: LPN to RN
Darton College
laptop www.darton.edu/programs/nursing/
Albany GA
  • Advanced Placement for Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Online Advanced Placement for Licensed Practical Nurses
Davidson County Community College
laptop www.davidsonccc.edu/academics/hwp_index.htm
Lexington NC
  • LPN to ADN Program
Del Mar College
laptop http://dmc122011.delmar.edu/rn/
Corpus Christi TX
  • LVN to RN Bridge
Delta College
laptop http://www.delta.edu/nursing.aspx
University Center MI
  • Licensed Practical Nurse To RN
Denver School of Nursing
laptop http://www.denverschoolofnursing.edu/
Denver CO
  • LPN to Associate Degree in Nursing
East Arkansas Community College
laptop www.eacc.edu/General/allied_health/ahs_index.htm
Forrest City AR
  • LPN Accelerated Track ADN Program
East Central Community College
laptop warrior.eccc.edu/programs/healthcare/default.aspx
Decatur MS
  • LPN to ADN Bridge Program
East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
laptop www4.esu.edu/academics/majors2/programs/nursing/nursing.cfm
East Stroudsburg PA
  • LPN to BSN in Nursing
Eastern Mennonite University
laptop http://emu.edu/nursing/
Harrisonburg VA
  • LPN to RN
Eastern Oklahoma State College
laptop www.eosc.edu/academic/nursing/
Wilburton OK
  • LPN to RN Transition
Edison Community College
laptop www.edisonohio.edu/index.php?page=nursing
Piqua OH
  • LPN to ADN Transition program
El Paso Community College
laptop www.epcc.edu/Catalog/Pages/DegreesandCertificates.aspx
El Paso TX
  • LVN To RN Transition
Essex County College
laptop www.essex.edu/academics/programs/
Newark NJ
  • Nursing: LPN Articulation Option
Fairmont State University
laptop www.fairmontstate.edu/schoolofnaha/
Fairmont WV
  • LPN to ADN Program
  • LPN to ASN
  • Online LPN to ADN Program
Faulkner State Community College
laptop www.faulknerstate.edu/programs/majors-and-departments
Bay Minette AL
  • Nursing Mobility (LPN to RN)
Finger Lakes Community College
laptop http://www.flcc.edu/offices/nursing/
Canandaigua NY
  • Accelerated Option for LPNs
Firelands Regional Health System
laptop www.firelands.com/school_of_nursing/nursing_school.aspx
Sandusky OH
  • 2-year Fast Lane LPN to RN Program
  • 3-year LPN to RN Program
Florence-Darlington Technical College
laptop http://fdtc.edu/academics/programs/divisions/HS/NUR/default.asp
Florence SC
  • LPN to RN
Florida State College at Jacksonville
laptop www.fscj.edu/mydegree/academics/schools/health-sciences/nursing/index.php
Jacksonville FL
  • RN Bridge for Paramedics and LPNs
laptop http://www.fortis.edu/programs.aspx
Centerville OH
  • LPN to RN Programs
Fox Valley Technical College
laptop www.fvtc.edu/public/academics/subjectarea.aspx?area=8
Appleton WI
  • Online Licensed Practical Nurse Refresher
  • Online LPN to RN
Frederick Community College
laptop www.frederick.edu/courses_and_programs/degree_hsnursingadmission.aspx
Frederick MD
  • LPN to RN Transition
Front Range Community College - Boulder County Campus
laptop www.frontrange.edu/Academics/Fields-of-Study/
Longmont CO
  • LPN to ADN Bridge Program
Front Range Community College - Larimer Campus
laptop www.frontrange.edu/Academics/Fields-of-Study/
Fort Collins CO
  • LPN to ADN Bridge Program
Gadsden State Community College
laptop www.gadsdenstate.edu/academics/health/nursingeducation.php
Gadsden AL
  • LPN to RN Mobility Program
Galveston College
laptop http://www.gc.edu/gc/Nursing_Program.asp
Galveston TX
  • LVN to ADN Transitional Program
George C. Wallace Community College
laptop www.wallace.edu/deptpages/health/
Dothan AL
  • LPN-to-RN Mobility Program
Georgia Northwestern Technical College
laptop http://www.gntc.edu/academics/area.php?area=Healthcare
Rock Spring GA
  • Nursing LPN to ASN Transition
Germanna Community College - Locust Grove Campus
laptop www.germanna.edu/academics/nursingandhealthtechnologies/
Locust Grove VA
  • LPN to RN Program
Gloucester County College
laptop www.gccnj.edu/academics/allied_health/index.cfm
Sewell NJ
  • Online LPN to RN Program
Golden West College
laptop www.gwc.info/nursing/
Huntington Beach CA
  • LVN to RN Carreer Ladder
  • LVN to RNT
Grand Rapids Community College
laptop cms.grcc.edu/pnwaitlist
Grand Rapids MI
  • LPN to ADN
Grayson County College
laptop www.grayson.edu/WebSite/adminGCC/programFiles/brochure/University_Transfer_Pre-BSN%20PDF1.pdf
Denison TX
  • Online LVN to RN Transition
Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District
laptop www.grossmont.edu/nursing/
El Cajon CA
  • Online LVN to RN Transition
Gulf Coast Community College
laptop www.gulfcoast.edu/degrees_programs/health/default.htm
Panama City FL
  • Online LPN to ADN Transition
Harrisburg Area Community College
laptop hacc.edu/HealthCareers/ProgramsOffered/index.cfm
Harrisburg PA
  • Online LPN to RN Advanced Standing
Henry Ford Community College
laptop https://my.hfcc.edu/site_manager/catalog_manager/programs/view_program.asp?id=4082&view=s&showprinticon=y
Dearborn MI
  • Online Advancement of LPNs to RNs
Hesston College
laptop hesston.edu/academics/nursing/index.htm
Hesston KS
  • RN-Completion Track for LPN
Highline Community College
laptop http://nursing.highline.edu/
Des Moines WA
  • Online LPN to RN
Hinds Community College
laptop hindscc.edu/Departments/health_related_professions/adn/default.aspx
Jackson MS
  • Online Transition to RN Option Program
Hocking College
laptop http://www.hocking.edu/schools/nursing
Nelsonville OH
  • LPN to RN
Holy Name Hospital
laptop www.holyname.org/SchoolOfNursing/
Teaneck NJ
  • LPN to RN Articulation
Howard College
laptop www.howardcollege.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=170&Itemid=153
Big Spring TX
  • LPN to RN Transition
Howard Community College
laptop http://www.howardcc.edu/academics/program_information/catalog/web/programs/healthsciences/
Columbia MD
  • LPN Pathway
Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
laptop new.ipfw.edu/nursing/
Fort Wayne IN
  • Online LPN to RN Mobility
Inver Hills Community College & Century College
laptop https://inverhills.edu/Departments/Nursing/
Inver Grove Heights MN
  • LPN to RN Mobility
Jackson State Community College
laptop www.jscc.edu/academics/disciplines/nursing
Jackson TN
  • LPN - RN Career Mobility
Jefferson Community & Technical College
laptop jefferson.kctcs.edu/Academics/Programs_of_Study/Nursing-Programs
Louisville KY
  • Online LPN to RN Online
Jefferson Davis Community College
laptop www.jdcc.edu/index.php?action=302
Brewton AL
  • Moblity LPN to Associate Degree
Johnson County Community College
laptop www.jccc.edu/nursing/
Overland Park KS
  • Online LPN to RN Bridge
Joliet Junior College
laptop http://jjc.edu/academics/divisions/nursing-allied-health/nursing/Pages/default.aspx
Joliet IL
  • LPN Transition to RN
Kansas City Kansas Community College
laptop www.kckcc.edu/academics/academicDivisions/alliedHealthAndNursing
Kansas City KS
  • LPN to RN Articulation
Kapiolani Community College
laptop kapiolani.hawaii.edu/object/adn.html
Honolulu HI
  • LPN-RN Transition
Kettering College of Medical Arts
laptop www.kcma.edu/Academics/Nursing/index.html
Kettering OH
  • Associate of Science for LPNs
Kilgore College
laptop www.kilgore.edu/programs.asp
Kilgore TX
  • LPN to RN
Labette Community College
laptop http://www.labette.edu/dept/nursing/nursing.htm
Parsons KS
  • LPN Transition
Lakeland Community College
laptop www.lakelandcc.edu/academic/sh/nurs/
Kirtland OH
  • LPN to RN
Laramie County Community College
laptop www.lccc.wy.edu/programs/nursing
Cheyenne WY
  • LPN to RN Advanced Placement
  • Online LPN to RN Advanced Placement
Lawson State Community College
laptop www.lawsonstate.edu/academics/healthpro/index.html
Birmingham AL
  • LPN to RN
Lewistown Hospital
laptop www.lewistownhospital.org/body.cfm?id=279
Lewistown PA
  • LPN to RN Track
Lincoln Memorial University
laptop www.lmunet.edu/academics/nursing/
Harrogate TN
  • LPN to ASN
Lone Star College - Kingwood
laptop http://lonestar.edu/nursing-dept.htm
Kingwood TX
  • Professional Nursing Transition
Lone Star College - Montgomery
laptop http://lonestar.edu/nursing-dept.htm
Conroe TX
  • Professional Nursing Transition
Lone Star College - North Harris
laptop http://lonestar.edu/nursing-dept.htm
Houston TX
  • Professional Nursing Transition
Lone Star College - Tomball
laptop http://lonestar.edu/nursing-dept.htm
Tomball TX
  • Professional Nursing Transition
Long Beach City College
laptop www.lbcc.edu/Nursing/
Long Beach CA
  • LVN to RN Career Ladder
Lorain County Community College
laptop www.lorainccc.edu/Academic+Divisions/Allied+Health+and+Nursing/
Elyria OH
  • Licensed Practical Nurse to RN
Louisiana Tech University
laptop ans.latech.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=127&Itemid=187
Ruston LA
  • LPN to RN Articulation
Lower Columbia College
laptop lowercolumbia.edu/nr/exeres/B2E73119-54D3-49D5-AAA8-D9CF0F50AA8F
Longview WA
  • LPN to RN
  • Online LPN to RN Online
Lurleen B. Wallace Community College
laptop www.lbwcc.edu/academics/careertechnical_division/programs.aspx
Andalusia AL
  • LPN to ADN Mobility
Luzerne County Community College
laptop www.luzerne.edu/admissions/starthsinfo.jsp
Nanticoke PA
  • LPN to RN program
Madison Area Technical College
laptop matcmadison.edu/degrees-certificates
Madison WI
  • Nursing Completion LPN to ADN
Marion Technical College
laptop http://www.mtc.edu/health/nursing/nursing.html
Marion OH
  • LPN to RN
Massasoit Community College
laptop www.massasoit.mass.edu/acad_depts/nursing_alliedhealth/nurse_ed/index.cfm
Brockton MA
  • LPN to RN Evening/Weekend
McNeese State University
laptop www.mcneese.edu/nursing
Lake Charles LA
  • LPN to ASN Articulation
Mercer County Community College
laptop www.mccc.edu/~martinl/
Trenton NJ
  • LPN to RN Advanced Placement
Mercy Hospital
laptop www.mercymiami.org/college-of-nursing/
Miami FL
  • LPN to RN Associate of Science in Nursing
Mercyhurst College
laptop northeast.mercyhurst.edu/academics/programs/nursing/
North East PA
  • LPN to RN Bridge
Mesa State College
laptop www.mesastate.edu/healthsciences/degrees.html
Grand Junction CO
  • LPN to RN
Metropolitan Community College - Penn Valley
laptop http://www.mcckc.edu/hsi
Kansas City MO
  • LPN to ADN Nursing
Miami Dade College
laptop www.mdc.edu/medical/Nursing/Default.asp
Miami FL
  • Registered Nursing for LPNs
Middle Georgia College
laptop www.mgc.edu/Learning-Support/degreePlans.cfm
Cochran GA
  • Advanced Placement Associates for LPNs
Midlands Technical College
laptop www.midlandstech.edu/nursing/default.html
Columbia SC
  • Advanced Placement RN for LPNs
Miles Community College
laptop www.milescc.edu/DegreesPrograms/AlliedHealth/Nursing/admissionshome.htm
Miles City MT
  • LPN to RN Completion
Milwaukee Area Technical College
laptop matc.edu/student/newstudent/request_program_info.html#forms
Milwaukee WI
  • LPN to RN
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
laptop www.mgccc.edu/programs_of_study/health_related_programs/
Perkinston MS
  • LPN to RN Transition
Mississippi University for Women
laptop web2.muw.edu/index.php/nursing
Columbus MS
  • LPN to RN
Mohave Community College
laptop http://www.mohave.edu/academics/certificates/nursing
Lake Havasu City AZ
  • Nursing LPN to RN Track
Molloy College
laptop www.molloy.edu/academics/nursing-division
Rockville Centre NY
  • LPN to BSN
Montana State University-Northern
laptop http://msun.edu/academics/nursing/
Havre MT
  • LPN Advancement
Moraine Park Technical College
laptop www.morainepark.edu/programs-and-courses/programs-of-study/
West Bend WI
  • LPN to ADN Progression
Motlow State Community College
laptop http://www.mscc.edu/nursing/nursing.aspx
Lynchburg TN
  • LPN Transition Mobility
Mott Community College
laptop www.mcc.edu/programs_courses/programs.php
Flint MI
  • LPN to ADN Articulation
Mount Aloysius College
laptop www.mtaloy.edu/academics/
Cresson PA
  • LPN to RN Program
Mount Wachusett Community College
laptop www.mwcc.mass.edu/programs/default.html
Gardner MA
  • LPN Bridge Option
Muskegon Community College
laptop www.muskegoncc.edu/pages/512.asp
Muskegon MI
  • LPN to RN
National University
laptop http://www.nu.edu/OurPrograms/SchoolOfHealthAndHumanServices/Nursing.html
San Diego CA
  • LVN to RN
Neosho County Community College
laptop www.neosho.edu/Departments/Nursing.aspx
Chanute KS
  • Practical Nurse to Associate Degree
New Hampshire Technical Institute
laptop www.nhti.edu/academics/academicprograms/degnurs.html
Concord NH
  • LPN to RN Advancement
New Mexico Junior College
laptop www.nmjc.edu/academics/programs/nursing.asp
Hobbs NM
  • LPN/LVN to RN Completion Option:
Normandale Community College
laptop www.normandale.edu/academics/index.cfm
Bloomington MN
  • Nursing PN Mobility LPN to RN
North Arkansas College
laptop www.northark.edu/academics_programs/allied_health.aspx
Harrison AR
  • LPN to RN Bridge
North Central Kansas Technical College
laptop www.ncktc.edu/nursinghays.htm
Hays KS
  • LPN to RN Nursing
North Central Texas College
laptop www.nctc.edu/What_We_Teach/AppSci/ADN/adn.html
Gainesville TX
  • Transition from LPN to RN
North Dakota State College
laptop www.ndscs.nodak.edu/academics/departments/nursing/
Wahpeton ND
  • LPN to SDN Bridge
North Georgia College & State University
laptop www.northgeorgia.edu/Nursing/
Dahlonega GA
  • LPN to RN
North Hennepin Community College
laptop www.nhcc.edu/main/ProgramsAndMajors/ProgramsAndMajors/Nursing.aspx
Brooklyn Park MN
  • LPN to ADN Mobility
North Iowa Area Community College
laptop www.niacc.edu/health/bsn.html
Mason City IA
  • ADN Option for LPNs
North Seattle Community College
laptop https://northseattle.edu/programs/nursing
Seattle WA
  • LPN to RN Ladder
Northcentral Technical College
laptop www.ntc.edu/programs-courses.html
Wausau WI
  • LPN to ADN
Northeast Alabama Community College
laptop www.nacc.edu/study/health_sciences.htm
Rainsville AL
  • Mobility LPN to Associate Degree
Northeast Mississippi Community College
laptop www2.nemcc.edu/Nursing/healthsciences.html
Booneville MS
  • LPN to ADN Advanced Placement
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
laptop www.neo.edu/Academics/AcademicSchools/HumanEnvironmentalSciences/Nursing/tabid/170/Default.aspx
Miami OK
  • LPN to RN
Northern Oklahoma College
laptop www.north-ok.edu/nursing-division1
Tonkawa OK
  • LPN to RN
Northern Virginia Community College
laptop www.nvcc.edu/campuses-and-centers/medical/academic-divisions/nursing/
Springfield VA
  • LPN to RN
Northland Community and Technical College
laptop http://northlandcollege.edu/programs/nursing/
Thief River Falls MN
  • LPN to ADN Mobility Program
Northland Pioneer College
laptop http://www.npc.edu/departments/nursing
Holbrook AZ
  • LPN to RN
Northwest Florida State College
laptop http://www.nwfsc.edu/Academics/Departments/HealthSciences/Nursing/
Niceville FL
  • LPN to RN
Northwest Mississippi Community College
laptop http://www.northwestms.edu/index.php/?page_id=569
Senatobia MS
  • LPN-RN Transition
Northwest State Community College
laptop http://northweststate.edu/academic-divisions/nursing/
Archbold OH
  • LPN to RN Advanced Standing
Northwest-Shoals Community College
laptop http://www.nwscc.edu/health.html
Phil Campbell AL
  • LPN to RN Nursing Mobility
Northwestern State University of Louisiana
laptop http://nursing.nsula.edu/
Natchitoches LA
  • LPN to ASN
Oakland Community College
laptop https://www.oaklandcc.edu/nursing/
Waterford MI
  • LPN to ADN
  • Second Year Completion for Modified Career Ladder Graduates
Ocean County College
laptop http://ocean.edu/content/public/study-on-campus/academics/academic-schools/school-of-nursing.html
Toms River NJ
  • Online Career Mobility Nursing Program
Ohio University
laptop http://www.ohio.edu/chsp/nrse/index.cfm
Athens OH
  • LPN to RN
  • LPN to RN Transitional Degree
Oklahoma City Community College
laptop http://www.occc.edu/academics/programs/nursing.html
Oklahoma City OK
  • Nursing Career Ladder Pathway for LPNs
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology-Okmulgee
laptop http://go.osuit.edu/academics/health_sciences/nursing/
Okmulgee OK
  • LPN to RN Transition
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City
laptop http://www.osuokc.edu/nursing/
Oklahoma City OK
  • LPN/LVN to RN Advanced Standing
  • LPN/LVN to RN Direct Articulation
Olympic College
laptop http://www.olympic.edu/Students/DegreesCertificates/Nursing-Healthcare/
Bremerton WA
  • Transition to Associate Degree in Nursing
  • Transition to Associate Degree Nursing Program
Orange County Community College
laptop http://www.sunyorange.edu/nursing/index.shtml
Middletown NY
  • LPN to RN
Our Lady of the Lake College
laptop http://www.ololcollege.edu/academics/school-of-nursing
Baton Rouge LA
  • Nursing (LPN - BSN)
Ozarks Technical Community College
laptop http://www.otc.edu/alliedhealth/alliedhealth.php
Springfield MO
  • LPN to ASN Program
Palm Beach Community College
laptop http://www.palmbeachstate.edu/programs/nursing/default.aspx
Lake Worth FL
  • LPN/Paramedic Transition Program
Paris Junior College
laptop http://www.parisjc.edu/downloads/catalog2012/nursing.pdf
Paris TX
  • Transition Program LVN to RN
Parkland College
laptop http://www.parkland.edu/academics/departments/health/nursing.aspx
Champaign IL
  • LPN to ADN Bridge
Pasco-Hernando Community College
laptop http://phsc.edu/career-programs/health-programs
New Port Richey FL
  • Registered Nursing Transition for LPNs
Passaic County Community College
laptop http://www.pccc.edu/prospective/academics/academic-departments/nurse-education
Paterson NJ
  • LPN Mobility Option
Pearl River Community College
laptop http://www.prcc.edu/academics/department-nursing-education
Poplarville MS
  • LPN To ADN Bridge
Pennsylvania College of Technology
laptop http://www.pct.edu/schools/hs/nursing/
Williamsport PA
  • LPN-RN Advanced Placement
Piedmont Technical College
laptop http://www.ptc.edu/academics/schools-departments/nursing
Greenwood SC
  • LPN to ADN Nursing Program
Polk State College
laptop http://www.polk.edu/nursing/
Winter Haven FL
  • AS Nursing Transition Option
Pratt Community College
laptop http://prattcc.edu/department/nursing
Pratt KS
  • Online/Hybrid ADN Completion Program for LPN
Prince George's Community College
laptop http://www.pgcc.edu/Programs_and_Courses/Divisions_and_Departments/Health_Sciences_Division/Nursing/Nursing_Department.aspx
Largo MD
  • LPN to RN Transition Option
Quincy College
laptop http://quincycollege.edu/academic-divisions/nursing
Quincy MA
  • Advanced Placement Associate Degree in Nursing
Redlands Community College
laptop https://www.redlandscc.edu/node/85
El Reno OK
  • LPN to RN Program
Richland Community College
laptop http://www.richland.edu/health/nursing
Decatur IL
  • LPN to Associate in Nursing Bridge
River Valley Community College
laptop http://www.rivervalley.edu/academics/academic-programs/nursing
Claremont NH
  • Advanced Placement LPN to RN
Riverland Community College
laptop http://www.riverland.edu/nursing/index.cfm
Austin MN
  • PN Mobility Associate
Riverside Health System
laptop http://www.riversideonline.com/rshc/
Newport News VA
  • LPN to RN Fast Track Program
Roane State Community College
laptop http://www.roanestate.edu/?5905-Nursing-Program
Harriman TN
  • LPN Mobility Program
Rogers State University
laptop http://rsu.edu/academics/health-sci/nursing/index.asp
Claremore OK
  • LPN to RN
Rose State College
laptop http://www.rose.edu/nursing-science
Midwest City OK
  • Career Ladder Track for LPNs
Saddleback College
laptop http://www.saddleback.edu/hs/nursing-program
Mission Viejo CA
  • LVN to RN Program
Saint Francis Medical Center
laptop http://www.stfrancismedical.org/Education/School-of-Nursing.aspx
Trenton NJ
  • LPN to RN
Saint Joseph's Health Services of Rhode Island
laptop http://www.nursingri.com/
North Providence RI
  • LPN to Diploma Program
Saint Petersburg College
laptop http://www.spcollege.edu/Nursing/
Pinellas Park FL
  • LPN to RN Transitional
Saint Vincent's College
laptop http://www.stvincentscollege.edu/programs-offered/degree-programs/
Bridgeport CT
  • Associate in Science with Advanced Standing
Salem Community College
laptop http://www.salemcc.edu/nursing-center
Carney's Point NJ
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Nursing
San Antonio College
laptop http://www.alamo.edu/sac/nursing/
San Antonio TX
  • Nursing Career Mobility Program Track LVN to RN
San Bernardino Valley College
laptop http://www.valleycollege.edu/academic-career-programs/degrees-certificates/nursing
San Bernardino CA
  • LVN to RN Program
San Diego City College
laptop http://www.sdcity.edu/AcademicPrograms/ProgramsofInstruction/NursingEducation.aspx
San Diego CA
  • LVN to RN 30 Unit Option
  • LVN to RN Program
San Diego State University
laptop http://nursing.sdsu.edu/
San Diego CA
  • LVN to RN
San Jacinto College Central
laptop http://www.sanjac.edu/career/nursing
Pasadena TX
  • LVN to ADN Mobility
San Jacinto College South
laptop http://www.sanjac.edu/career/nursing
Houston TX
  • LVN to ADN Mobility
Santa Ana College
laptop http://sac.edu/AcademicProgs/ScienceMathHealth/Nursing/Pages/default.aspx
Santa Ana CA
  • LVN to RN
Santa Fe College
laptop http://www.sfcollege.edu/healthsciences/nursing/
Gainesville FL
  • Registered Nursing Bridge LPN to RN
Santa Monica College
laptop http://www.smc.edu/AcademicPrograms/HealthSciences/Nursing/Pages/default.aspx
Santa Monica CA
  • LVN to Associate Degree in Nursing
Shawnee State University
laptop http://www.shawnee.edu/academics/nursing/index.aspx
Portsmouth OH
  • Advanced Placement for LPN's
Shelton State Community College
laptop http://www.sheltonstate.edu/instruction/allied_health/nursing_department.aspx
Tuscaloosa AL
  • Mobility Track LPN to RN
Snead State Community College
laptop http://www.snead.edu/about_us/college_departments/academic/health_sciences.aspx
Boaz AL
  • Online LPN to RN Mobility
Snow College
laptop http://www.snow.edu/alliedhealth/
Richfield UT
  • PN to RN
Somerset Community College
laptop http://somerset.kctcs.edu/en/Academics/Programs_of_Study.aspx
Somerset KY
  • Associate Degree LPN to RN
South Plains College
laptop http://www.southplainscollege.edu/pos/health-occupation/nursing.php
Levelland TX
  • LVN to RN Transition Program
Southeast Arkansas College
laptop http://www.seark.edu/academic-programs/nursing-and-allied-health
Pine Bluff AR
  • LPN to RN Diploma
  • LPN to RN Nursing Transition Program
Southeast Missouri Hospital
laptop http://www.sehcollege.edu/
Cape Girardeau MO
  • LPN to RN Bridge Options
Southeastern Louisiana University
laptop http://www.southeastern.edu/acad_research/depts/nurs/index.html
Hammond LA
  • LPN to RN
Southern Arkansas University
laptop http://web.saumag.edu/nursing/
Magnolia AR
  • LPN to RN Transition Program
Southern Maine Community College
laptop http://www.smccme.edu/academics-a-registration/departments-a-programs/academic-departments/nursing.html
South Portland ME
  • Associate in Nursing LPN Upgrade Option
Southern State Community College
laptop http://www.sscc.edu/academics/associate/nursing.shtml
Hillsboro OH
  • Nursing Transition Pathway
Southern Union State Community College
laptop http://www.suscc.edu/programs/nursing-overview.cms
Opelika AL
  • LPN to RN Mobility
Southwest Baptist University
laptop http://mercy.sbuniv.edu/
Bolivar MO
  • Licensed Practical Nurse to RN Bridge
Southwest Georgia Technical College
laptop http://www.southwestgatech.edu/Content/Default/3/202/0/academic-programs/allied-health-occupations.html
Thomasville GA
  • Associate of Science in Nursing Bridge
Southwest Mississippi Community College
laptop http://www.smcc.edu/index.php/associate-degree-nursing
Summit MS
  • LPN to RN Transition Program
Southwest Tennessee Community College
laptop http://southwest.tn.edu/nursing/
Memphis TN
  • LPN Mobility Track
Southwestern College
laptop http://swccd.edu/index.aspx?page=101
Chula Vista CA
  • LVN to ADN Transition
Southwestern Illinois College
laptop http://www.swic.edu/healthcare/
Belleville IL
  • LPN Nursing Education Articulation Program
St. Catherine University
laptop https://www2.stkate.edu/nursing/home
St. Paul MN
  • LPN to RN
St. Joseph School of Nursing
laptop http://www.sjhacademiccenter.org/
Nashua NH
  • LPN to RN Transition
St. Louis Community College
laptop http://www.stlcc.edu/Programs/Nursing/
St. Louis MO
  • LPN Bridge Program
St. Petersburg College
laptop http://www.spcollege.edu/nursing/
Pinellas Park FL
  • LPN to RN Transitional A.S. Nursing
Stark State College of Technology
laptop http://www.starkstate.edu/nursing
Canton OH
  • RN Completion for LPN
Success Healthcare/St. Alexius Hospital Inc
laptop http://www.nursingschoollmc.com/
St. Louis MO
  • LPN to RN Bridge Track
Suffolk County Community College
laptop http://department.sunysuffolk.edu/Nursing/
Selden NY
  • Nursing from LPN
Sullivan County Community College
laptop http://www.sunysullivan.edu/hsbs/nursing/index.php
Loch Sheldrake NY
  • LPN to RN
SUNY Rockland Community College
laptop http://www.sunyrockland.edu/study-at-rcc/academics-and-degrees/academic-departments/nursing
Suffern NY
  • Online LPN to RN Express
Tacoma Community College
laptop www.tacomacc.edu/areasofstudy/careertraining/nursing/
Tacoma WA
  • Advanced Standing for LPN Option
Technical College of the Lowcountry
laptop www.tcl.edu/programs-of-study/health-sciences/nursing
Beaufort SC
  • Nursing Program Advanced Placement
Tennessee State University
laptop www.tnstate.edu/nursing/
Nashville TN
  • LPN to RN Career Mobility Associate of Applied Science
Thomas Nelson Community College
laptop tncc.edu/students/classes-curriculum/degrees-programs/
Hampton VA
  • LPN to RN Articulation
Tidewater Community College
laptop www.tcc.edu/academics/divisions/healthprofessions/nursing/
Portsmouth VA
  • Articulated LPN Program
Tri-County Technical College
laptop www.tctc.edu/Content/Academics/Prepare_for_a_Career/Majors_by_Academic_Division/Health_Education/LPN_Transition_to_RN.xml
Pendleton SC
  • LPN Transition to RN
Trident Technical College
laptop http://www.tridenttech.edu/nursing.htm
Charleston SC
  • LPN to ADN Option
Trinitas Regional Medical Center
laptop www.ucc.edu/academics/programs/nursingtrinitas.aspx
Elizabeth NJ
  • RN Completion Program for Licensed Practical Nurses
Trinity Valley Community College
laptop www.tvcc.edu/campus/healthscience/
Kaufman TX
  • LVN to ADN Transition
Triton College
laptop www.triton.edu/cgi-bin/r.cgi/department_detail.html?SESSION=3FE4bDn5qC&ContentID=377
River Grove IL
  • LPN to Associate Degree Upward Mobility
Tulsa Community College
laptop www.tulsacc.edu/57927/
Tulsa MP
  • Online LPN to ADN Bridge Option
Union County College
laptop www.ucc.edu/academics/
Plainfield NJ
  • LPN to RN Program
University of Alaska-Anchorage
laptop http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/schoolofnursing/
Anchorage AK
  • LPN to AAS
University of Arkansas at Monticello
laptop www.uamont.edu/Nursing/
Monticello AR
  • LPN to RN Program
University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville
laptop www.uaccb.edu/index.php?id=44
Batesvile AR
  • On LPN to RN
  • Online LPN to RN
University of Cincinnati-Raymond Walters College
laptop www.rwc.uc.edu/nursing/index.html
Blue Ash OH
  • Online LPN-RN Completion Track
University of Hawaii Maui Community College
laptop maui.hawaii.edu/?s=nursing
Kahului HI
  • Career Ladder in Nursing Program LPN to ADN
University of Mobile
laptop www.umobile.edu/Academics/AcademicAreas/SchoolofNursing.aspx
Mobile AL
  • LPN to ADN Program
University of Rio Grande
laptop www.rio.edu/academics/page.php?ID=schoolofnursing
Rio Grande OH
  • Advanced Placement Track On-Campus
  • Online Advanced Placement Track Online
University of Saint Francis
laptop www.sf.edu/sf/nursing
Fort Wayne IN
  • Associate of Science in Nursing LPN to ASN
  • LPN to ASN
Valencia Community College
laptop valenciacollege.edu/west/health/nursingdivision/
Orlando FL
  • Advanced Standing Track for LPNs
Victoria College
laptop www.victoriacollege.edu/professionalnursing
Victoria TX
  • LVN to ADN Transition
Virginia Appalachian Tricollege Nursing Program
laptop www.vhcc.edu/index.aspx?page=760
Abingdon VA
  • LPN to RN Bridge Curriculum
Walla Walla University
laptop www.wallawalla.edu/academics/areas-of-study/undergraduate-programs/nursing/
Portland OR
  • LPN Advanced Placement
Washington Hospital
laptop www.washingtonhospital.org/schools/nursing/
Washington PA
  • LPN Transition
Waukesha County Technical College
laptop www.wctc.edu/programs_&_courses/nursing_&_allied_health/index.php
Pewaukee WI
  • Practical Nursing to AND
Weber State University
laptop www.weber.edu/nursing/
Ogden UT
  • PN to RN Completion
West Virginia Northern Community College
laptop www.wvncc.edu/nursing/
Wheeling WV
  • LPN to ADN
West Virginia State Community and Technical College
laptop www.kvctc.edu/index.php?cat=6&s=1&n=1
Institute WV
  • LPN to RN Option for the AAS in Nursing
Western Kentucky University
laptop http://www.wku.edu/nursing/index.php
Bowling Green KY
  • LPN to ASN
Western New Mexico University
laptop www.wnmu.edu/dgrplans/dplan2004nursing.shtml
Silver City NM
  • Associate Degree in Nursing from LPN
York Technical College/University of South Carolina Lancaster
laptop www.yorktech.com/Nursing/index.php
Rock Hill SC
  • LPN to ADN Transition Advance Placement

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