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School Level Program Admissions
Seton Hall University Master MSN: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Website
Georgetown University Master Online Master's in Nursing Website
George Mason University Master MSN - Family Nurse Practitioner Website
Sacred Heart University Master RN to BSN to Master of Science in Nursing Website
Campbellsville University Master Online MSN with FNP Track Website
Campbellsville University Bachelor RN to BSN Website
Benedictine University Master Master of Science in Nursing Website
Benedictine University Master Nurse Educator MSN Website
Benedictine University Master Nurse Executive Leader MSN Website

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School Level Program Admissions
Campbellsville University Bachelor RN to BSN Website
Benedictine University Master Master of Science in Nursing Website
Benedictine University Master Nurse Educator MSN Website
Benedictine University Master Nurse Executive Leader MSN Website
Benedictine University Bachelor RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) Website
Concordia University - Saint Paul Bachelor RN to BSN Website
Fairleigh Dickinson University Master MSN - Family Nurse Practitioner Website
Fairleigh Dickinson University Master MSN - Nursing Education Website
Queens University Master Master of Science in Nursing: Clinical Nurse Leader Website

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Nursing Degrees Explained

Here’s the rundown on CNA, LPN, ADN, BSN, accelerated MSN, DPN and PhD degrees. When it comes to the world of nursing, the letters that follow your name can represent your academic degree, type of license, type of certification, or a combination of these. Read more…

What It’s Like to Be a Nurse

To be a nurse, you need a strong stomach and a thick skin. Your schedule can be erratic and shifts may rotate from week to week or day to day.
You are the primary coordinator and problem solver for your patients’ care. Read more…

What to Expect in Your First Year of Nursing School

Once you’ve completed prerequisites, you will take specialized courses that are directly related to the practice of nursing. You’ll also focus on how to do a physical assessment, and take classes that combine nursing theory with clinical rotations. Read more…

Choosing Nursing for the Right Reason

Devotion to patients is the primary reason to choose nursing as a career. It’s all about one’s passion to help others, but there’s also the the clinical side of nursing, and that should be part of any decision making process to enter the field. Read more…

Is Nursing a Good Career Choice for Moms

More than almost any other career, nursing offers the flexibility that so many moms crave. Nursing also offers opportunities for professional development and advancement. Like motherhood, nursing is a demanding job that pays unexpected and often intangible dividends. Read more…

Accelerated BSN and MSN Programs

Accelerated BSN programs offer a relatively fast transition to nursing as a second career for non-nursing graduates. Accelerated BSN programs can typically be completed in anywhere from 12 to 18 months.Don’t do it unless you are ready for some seriously hard work. Read more…

Career Opportunities for Nurses

Within the nursing profession, there are a wide variety of career paths. Some choose to provide patient care throughout their careers, while others choose to obtain advanced certifications or degrees. With so many options, how do you choose what is right for you? Read more…

NLN Accreditation: Does it Really Matter?

The National League for Nursing is a membership organization for nursing faculty and leaders in nursing education. Accreditation provides assurance that nursing programs meet or exceed certain standards. Read more…

How to Become a CRNA

CRNAs are master’s prepared advanced practice nurses who apply their specialty in just about all settings including hospital operating rooms and delivery rooms; ambulatory surgical centers; the offices of dentists, podiatrists, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, and pain management specialists. Read more…

Which Doctorate is Right for Me? DNP vs. PhD

The DNP program prepares nurses to incorporate evidence into practice and policy in order to improve outcomes. Despite its appeal, the DNP program has generated some controversy. Read more…

Is Distance Education Right for You?

Distance education, as the name implies, means that faculty and students are geographically separated. Technology is used to facilitate learning, which takes place asynchronously or synchronously. Students with demanding schedules and responsibilities may appreciate the flexibility distance education offers. Read more…

Nursing School Study Tips

Nursing school is divided into two realms of learning – theory which is the classroom component and clinical work in which the student actually works with patients. The key element to a successful nursing school career is to study. The students highly recommended that one not procrastinate with the studying. Read more…

Critical Care Nursing

Critical care nurses care for the sickest patients in the hospital, often only one or two at a time. Patients on these units often require a great deal of care, so critical care nurses learn a considerable amount of advanced monitoring and therapeutic skills. Read more…

Medical Surgical Nursing

Practicing as a medical-surgical nurse offers a great general nursing background. Med-surg nurses work primarily with the adult population and treat a wide variety of medical issues. Read more…

Home Health Nursing

Home health nurses assist patients and their families to return to optimal functioning within their home and community. Nurses go into patient’s homes to perform assessments, manage symptoms, coordinate different therapeutic services and evaluate the effectiveness of those services. Read more…

Perinatal Nursing

Most labor and delivery nurses work in hospitals, though some work in freestanding birthing centers. They assist women and families during all stages of the birthing process from prenatal testing to postpartum care. Read more…

Perioperative Nursing

Perioperative nurses take care of patients throughout the entire operative process, from admission and preop testing through the recovery period and discharge to home or a nursing unit. Read more…

Still Looking for a Nursing Program?

Here are some of the most popular nursing programs. On each page you will find a detailed writeup of the program, specific courses, and even schools that offer that program that are currently accepting applicants.