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Campbellsville University Bachelor RN to BSN Website
Sacred Heart University Bachelor RN-BSN - RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Website
Utica University Bachelor RN to Bachelor of Science Website
Benedictine University Bachelor RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) Website
Notre Dame of Maryland Bachelor RN-BSN Website

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For those currently working in the field of nursing, there is no better option for guaranteeing a successful career. Employers seek out nurses with a bachelor's degree, making it necessary for lower level degree holder's to find a program that should assist them in getting up to par in the job pool.

The decision to get back into school can be stressful for individuals already working in the field. However, the state of Maryland offers RN to BSN programs that offer flexible scheduling for individuals that already work in the field.

Overview of Nursing Programs in Maryland

The bachelor's program consists of differing principles in nursing ranging from community care to advanced techniques in nursing. These programs are designed to give nurses the most current information so that working in the field is a knowledgeable and effective experience. As technology continues to change medical science, RN to BSN programs prepare nurses for the innovative setting presented to them.

Professionals are drawn to RN to BSN programs due to their extreme convenience. Since nursing is a high-demand career, nurses need options that can complement their careers effectively. These programs are designed with busy professionals in mind.

School Level Program Admissions
Methodist University Associate and Bachelor Online Associates and Bachelors Programs Website

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Applying to an RN to BSN Program

The majority of applicants to the RN to BSN programs are registered nurses that hold full-time working positions. Individuals that want the most rigorous, hands on training available can find that these programs have everything they need. RN to BSN programs have courses available during the day and at night.

For individuals needing even more convenience, online options are available throughout the state. Courses taken during this program build upon existing knowledge in nursing, with focus on the changing trends in regards to technology and research. Nurses are trained to be qualified for management positions as well as standard nursing positions with the highest regard. Nurses are expected to stay up to date with the latest trends in nursing, so that patients are given the most reputable care.

Advancing Through the Program

As students move through these programs, they could increase their knowledge about the field as a whole all while building a foundation for success in the future.

The short length of the RN to BSN programs throughout this state is what makes them more attractive for individuals looking for something to set them apart from other candidates in the field. Since more graduates are entering the job market at the bachelor’s level, associate’s degree holders are feeling the pressure to make a change.

RN to BSN programs were designed especially for busy nurses. There is no better time than now to take advantage of the most effective educational opportunity for nurses available. A further education does more than just provide more knowledge, but it also provides a better understanding of how these changes apply to a medical setting.

Advantages of an RN to BSN

The focus of nursing is the care of patients. Nurses work hard to make sure that every patient is given the best care, regardless of what it takes. A college degree is something that is something that could provide for individuals throughout their lifetime. It cannot be taken away or replaced, even with years of experience.

RN to BSN programs give nurses the competitive edge that is needed to gain profitable positions, earn more money, and know more about nursing science as a whole. Those interested in taking part should find a degree program that best fits their busy schedule.

Maryland Salaries and Career Trends

The 5.7 million residents in the state of Maryland deserve only the best care. As the population grows, more individuals will likely rely on the caring hands of nurses to assist them through times of need. More people are able to go to college in this day and age, making the job market an extremely competitive place to look for a career.

Those in the nursing field that are searching for an effective addition to their resume should seek out accredited universities in the state of Maryland. Accredited universities could provide the best quality programs and ensure that licensure can be maintained in the future. Finding new careers or being open to promotional opportunities is possible at higher degree levels. Having a higher degree speaks monumentally about an applicant’s desire for success.

Nurses can work in healthcare, home care, education, and even research. Each field provides a delicate service to the community, making a difference in the lives of citizens. As one of the most providing careers available, nursing deserves the extra consideration from those thinking about going back to school. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses can earn $72,210 per year on average while working in the state of Maryland.

List of Programs

Bowie State University
  • RN to BS ProgramACEN
Carroll Community College
  • Registered Nurse - BSN Transfer
College of Notre Dame of Maryland Inc.
  • RN-BSN programACEN
Coppin State University
  • RN to BSN CompletionCCNE
Salisbury University
Stevenson University
  • Online RN to BSN CompletionCCNE
Towson University
  • Associate-to-Bachelor's (ATB) NursingCCNE
  • Registered Nurse to BSN CompletionCCNE
University of Maryland
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE

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