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The nursing field in particular provides employment opportunities to a large number of Arkansas residents each year. The nursing field requires its professionals to assist individuals suffering from illness or disease, or those with injuries.

In order to be the best in the nursing field, individuals have found that the only option to remaining on top of their game is obtaining a higher degree. Arkansas provides RN to BSN programs for current nurses that seek a higher degree. These programs encompass the important ideals surrounding the field of nursing all while providing an inviting atmosphere and flexible scheduling. Making the decision to further a degree could be a great decision both professionally and financially.

Choosing a university with an appropriate RN to BSN program is the first step to becoming a proud and irreplaceable professional in the field of nursing. For nurses that are already working in the field, the increase in interest in the field has sparked the need for further education. A RN to BSN programs have become a popular choice for individuals in the nursing field. These programs include the advancement of knowledge in the field of nursing as well as continuing experience.


Overview of RN to BSN degrees in Arkansas

Universities throughout this state have created RN to BSN programs that are fitting for any busy professional. These programs are designed with professionals in mind. Since most applicants to this programs are employed full-time, schools created a diverse and accommodating program that can be completed alongside every day responsibilities.

Those seeking courses that are relevant and hands on can find that RN to BSN programs have what they need. With courses available nearly all times of the day, students can choose a schedule that still allows for full-time employment. These courses include the basic concepts of nursing, with focus on advanced studies and application of nursing techniques. Research specialists in nursing constantly change the techniques that nurses use every day.

Progressing Through the Degree

It is important that nurses are educated on these changes so that every patient is treated with only the best skill. As students move through these programs, they could be introduced to the new and innovated scientific studies in nursing and how they apply to patient health. Online programs are also growing in popularity, leaving even more time for work and personal responsibilities.

RN to BSN programs are generally around 2 years in length, but can be completed in less time if courses are taken in higher density. During the program, students are introduced into the newest techniques in the nursing field. Choosing to pursue a higher degree in nursing can takenurses well beyond the traditional scope of a nursing career, opening doors to more opportunities along the way.

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  • The University of Texas Arlington 100% Online RN to BSN program was adapted from UT Arlington’s on-campus program and restructured so prerequisites are now co-requisites and these may be completed concurrently with nursing courses. This unique delivery format is the most cost-effective and efficient way for a working associate’s degree (ADN) or diploma-prepared RN to advance to a bachelor’s-prepared RN, and is an affordable program that can be completed in 13 months.
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Nursing Career Options in Arkansas

Arkansas – job market is welcoming to bachelor’s level nurses. As the population continues to grow, more nurses are needed to accommodate the growing clientele. Employers have changed the way that they hire nurses. More employers require that applicants have at least a bachelor’s degree prior to even applying to certain positions.

This has made higher degrees a necessity for those with the desire to work in the nursing field. Positions in management, supervision, and even research are open to applicants at the bachelor’s degree. Higher degrees mean better opportunity and better wages for those willing to go the extra mile.

As technology changes the way that everyday nursing is conducted, it is necessary for nursing professionals to stay up to date with recent trends within their field.

Importance of a Bachelors Degree in Nursing

As the state of Arkansas grows, the need for professional nurses grows with it. Up until recently, nurses could work at lower degree levels without any issues. However, the increase in graduates at the associate’s level has made a bachelor’s level degree a necessity for nursing students. Increasing a degree increases career potential and earnings for those that have completed the program.

The information learned within the educational program now only increases knowledge in nursing sciences, but also teaches techniques that could promote wellness in patients throughout the state. Nurses are the most important aspect of medical facilities. They are in constant demand at this educational level. According to the BLS, nurses at the bachelor’s level can earn $56,480 on average per year working in Arkansas. Wages in this field are high in comparison to bachelor’s degree positions in other fields.

Nurses are truly appreciated for their level of understanding in health sciences, so there is no better time to pursue a better degree opportunity. The state of Arkansas is a great place to enroll in RN to BSN programs, with education institutions ranking high in the country. A nursing career is one that could provide a great sense of self-satisfaction throughout a lifetime. With a higher degree, there is no end to the professional possibilities for those involved.

Full List of RN to BSN Degree Programs in Arkansas

List of Programs

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Arkansas State University
Jonesboro AR
  • RN to BSN Program
Baptist Health Schools Little Rock
Little Rock AR
  • RN to BSN Completer Agreements Program
Harding University
Searcy AR
  • RN to BSN Advanced Placement
Southern Arkansas University
Magnolia AR
  • RN to BSN Online Completion
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville AR
  • Online RN to BSN
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Little Rock AR
  • BSN Program
  • Online Hybrid BSN Program
University of Arkansas at Monticello
Monticello AR
  • RN to BSN Program
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Pine Bluff AR
  • RN to BSN Completion Program
  • RN to BSN Program
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Little Rock AR
  • Online RN to BSN
University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
Fort Smith AR
  • Online RN-BSN Online Completion
University of Central Arkansas
Conway AR
  • Online RN to BSN

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