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The desire for success is something that is found in most Americans. Most people want to work in a career that acknowledges experience and appreciates education. Finding a way to better a career is something that people think about regularly.

In the field of nursing, this is no different. The healthcare field is a very demanding field that asks a lot of its professionals.

With more than a dozen different nursing schools in Minnesota with RN to BSN programs either on their campus, hybrid, or online, there are plenty of different opportunities to find the best RN to BSN program based on what your goals and aspirations are.

Furthering a degree program is something that most people think about, but few people do. Finding the time for classes while balancing work and family is not always an easy task. It is intimidating to consider going back to school while working a very demanding job.

School Level Program Admissions
Methodist University Associate and Bachelor Online Associates and Bachelors Programs Website

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Overview of Minnesota RN to BSN Programs

RN to BSN programs in Minnesota typically last around 2 years. In this day and age, it is important that individuals make decisions that are good for long term success. RN to BSN programs in Minnesota are the best choice for nurses that need something to provide career opportunities for a lifetime.

In order to be the best applicant for new positions, registered nurses must be able to properly manage employment while being enrolled in a degree advancement program. When looking for a new career, nurses can find that having a higher degree qualifies them for higher tier positions in management as well as the specialty jobs.

With this type of opportunity imminent, it is easier than ever for nurses to decide to obtain a higher degree in nursing. Higher degree programs include courses that take a more in depth look into the diverse subject of nursing. Advanced techniques in nursing and pharmaceuticals are some of the subjects that students typically learn about in this program.

Benefits of Advancing Your Nursing Degree

Hundreds of new positions open up for nurses each day. The turnover rate for nursing positions is high, meaning new jobs come available regularly. In order to be the best candidate for positions in the healthcare field, nurses understand that they must go the extra mile.

RN to BSN programs are a great option for providing proof of excellence to future employers, as well as being a token of achievement for learners. The knowledge gained throughout these programs can allow nurses to work in a variety of different settings, including education and research. Management positions are open to nurses with higher degrees and work experience.

Since most nurses within these programs have some experience working in the field, completion of a bachelor’s degree can ready them for careers at higher levels. The entire purpose of these programs is to create a knowledgeable, reliable professional that can excel regardless of the setting. RN to BSN programs are designed to instruct students on the changing technologies and sciences that change nursing on a constant basis. As a source of lasting employment, higher degrees in nursing allow nurses to have an unlimited amount of work opportunities.

Minnesota Nursing Employment Trends

There is no lack of employment for individuals at the bachelor’s level, so graduates can constantly get repaid for their educational investment. Bachelor’s level nurses can work in a variety of fields, from education to business.

The changing economy has no bearing on this career path, which is why more and more people choose it as their focus as they move through college. Nurses with associate’s level degrees have already made an excellent decision by choosing the nursing field. Pursuing a higher degree path is the best option for getting the most out of their decision to have a plentiful career in the healthcare field.

Minnesota’s population has grown to 5.3 million in recent counts, which shows tremendous growth for the state as a whole. Even though the amount of residents rises, there are open positions in the nursing field that are yet to be filled. The need for qualified nursing professionals only continues to grow as time passes.

Minnesota Nursing Salaries

The beauty of this northern state constantly draws in new residents and visitors alike. For nurses, there is a wealth of opportunity in this state, making it a great place to get involved in an RN to BSN program. Minnesota offers programs both online and in the classroom that give great quality knowledge in the field overall.

Those in bachelor’s programs could be introduced to new sciences and technologies that have been involved in the field of nursing. Having additional knowledge in nursing can allow for a better working experience for current professionals overall. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s level nursing professional can earn $71,450 per year on average while working in Minnesota.

This career has always been a great source of reliable income for its professionals. As the years go by and technology continues to change medical science as a whole, nurses should remain the main source of support for patients within healthcare settings. Professional nurses with the desire to be the best and get the best education available can find their place in RN to BSN programs in Minnesota.

List of Programs

Anoka-Ramsey Community College
Coon Rapids,
  • Online Nursing Bachelor's DegreeACEN
  • Online Nursing Bachelor's DegreeACEN
Augsburg College
  • RN to BSN CompletionCCNE
Bemidji State University
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
Capella University
  • Online RN to BSN CompletionCCNE
College of St. Scholastica - The
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
Metropolitan State University
Saint Paul
Minnesota State University Mankato
  • Online RN to BSN CompletionCCNE
Minnesota State University Moorhead
North Hennepin Community College
Brooklyn Park
St. Catherine University
St. Paul
  • Online RN to BSNACEN
St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud
  • Online RN to BSN ProgramCCNE
Walden University
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
Winona State University
  • RN to BSN CompletionCCNE

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