RN to BSN Programs in New York

We have 49 RN to BSN Programs in New York in our directory. The state of New York is home to nearly 50 RN to BSN programs in our directory, with additional online RN to BSN programs widely accepting applicants from New York as well.

As you may expect, New York City and its suburbs such as Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Long Island, are home to quite a few nursing schools that offer campus-based RN to BSN degrees.

When deciding how to pursue a higher degree in nursing, individuals should weight different aspects regarding colleges and schedules. Choosing the right educational institution is an important step to a great future in nursing. Students should choose universities that have the proper accreditation, so that the education they receive is reliable and can be used for future licensure.

What Do You Learn in an RN to BSN Program in New York?

Over the course of a career, what is learned throughout these programs will show through the great care that is provided to patients. Having an understanding of the different aspects of nursing will provide reliable care to individuals needing care.

In RN to BSN programs, students can take courses in person or in an online setting. Both programs provide the same curriculum, with no differences in the quality of education received. Throughout the program, students will learn about the many different aspects that nurses are involved in.

From employee management to business, students will be expected to expose themselves to many nursing-related topics. Furthering research and development in nursing will also be studied, contributing to the excellence of students going through the program. The entire focus of the program is to provide knowledgeable and experienced nurses provide only the best care to patients.

As nursing professionals progress through the program, they will adjust their own understanding to accommodate for changes in technology and innovation. After completion of the program, nurses will be subjected to many different opportunities which will definitely be worth the hard work put in.

Benefits of a Bachelor’s in Nursing

Regardless of why a student decided to enroll in an RN to BSN program, there are many benefits involved in its completion. Taking the time to achieve a higher level of education promotes success in graduates. This can provide for meaningful careers through hard work and dedication in the field of nursing.

After completing an RN to BSN program, nurses can apply for positions in many settings. Companies looking for bachelor’s level graduates to fill positions in management as well as other high level positions. Since most graduates of this program have some experience in the nursing field, the higher degree complements the experience well on job application.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, annual median income for registered nurses working at the bachelor’s level in New York is $77,110.

Nurses can further their expertise in education fields or business-related fields with a higher degree in nursing. Since this medical science field requires constant testing and research, nursing professionals are needed to assist. Competing with new graduates in nursing is easier to do with a higher degree.

With the BSN in 10 initiative, an experienced bachelor degree holder is often likely to be a preferred candidate for a nursing related position. Employers seek candidates at this degree level to fill open positions.

More people are finding the means to get into college, meaning more graduate competing for open positions in the job market. In response to the increase in graduates in the field of nursing, nurses currently working in the field should consider going back to school to change their life forever.

RN Careers for New Yorkers

The nursing field is the best platform for individuals with the desire to succeed. Since the beginning, nursing has remained one of the most popular degree programs for individuals. Working in this field provides a great feeling of happiness, as well as great financial capabilities.

The promotional opportunities for individuals with higher degrees is one of the many reasons that professionals choose to take this path. Having access to better paying careers or careers that provide a high level of respect makes nurses feel as if they are truly appreciated for the hard work that they do each day.

Salary Information

Financially, nursing is a well-providing career choice for individuals wanting a change for the better. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, annual median income for registered nurses working at the bachelor’s level in New York is $77,110. The financial aspect of increasing a degree is only one of the reasons that this degree program is so attractive to prospective applicants.

Why Nursing?

Individuals want to have a career that provides well for their families. Not only do these careers need to have great income availability, but they also need to be reliable in the face of change. A reliable career is irreplaceable in the world that currently exists. Nursing is a field that has remained the same regardless of the country’s economic situation.

Those currently working in the field have already made a smart decision by being involved in the field. Taking the next step to a higher degree will prove to be a monumental change for the better for individuals wanting a better future.

List of Programs

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
Adelphi University
laptop http://nursing.adelphi.edu/
Garden City NY
  • RN to BSN
American University of Beirut
laptop http://hson.aub.edu.lb/users/subpage.asp?id=18
New York NY
  • RN to BSN
Binghamton University
laptop http://www2.binghamton.edu/dson/index.html
Binghamton NY
  • RN to BSN
College at Brockport - The
laptop http://www.brockport.edu/nursing/
Brockport NY
  • RN to BSN
College of Mount Saint Vincent
laptop http://www.mountsaintvincent.edu/408.htm
Riverdale NY
  • RN to BSN
College of New Rochelle
laptop http://www.cnr.edu/NursingSchool/SchoolofNursing
New Rochelle NY
  • RN to BSN
D'Youville College
laptop http://www.dyc.edu/academics/nursing/index.asp
Buffalo NY
  • RN to BSN
  • RN to BSN
Daemen College
laptop http://www.daemen.edu/academics/divisionofhealthhumanservices/Nursing/Pages/default.aspx
Amherst NY
  • RN to BSN Program
Dominican College of Blauvelt
laptop http://www.dc.edu/academics.aspx?id=3630
Orangeburg NY
  • RN to BSN Completion
Excelsior College
laptop http://www.excelsior.edu/ecapps/degreeProgram/degreeTable.jsf?c=1
Albany NY
  • RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Farmingdale State College
laptop http://www.farmingdale.edu/academics/health-sciences/nursing/index.shtml
Farmingdale NY
  • RN to BSN Completion
Hartwick College
laptop http://www.hartwick.edu/academics/majors-and-minors/physical-and-life-sciences/nursing
Oneonta NY
  • Accelerated BSN
  • RN to BSN
Hunter College of the City University of New York
laptop http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/nursing/
New York NY
  • RN to BSN
Keuka College
laptop academics.keuka.edu/asap/programs/bs_nursing
Keuka Park NY
  • RN to BSN
  • RN to BSN
Lehman College-The City University of New York
laptop http://www.lehman.edu/deannss/nursing/
Bronx NY
  • RN to BSN
Long Island College Hospital
laptop http://www.downstate.edu/nursing/
Brooklyn NY
  • Nursing RN to BSN
Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus
laptop http://liu.edu/Brooklyn/Academics/Schools/SON
Brooklyn NY
  • Online RN to BSN Connection
Long Island University - C. W. Post Campus
laptop http://www.liu.edu/CWPost/Academics/Schools/SHPN.aspx
Brookville NY
  • RN to BSN
Maria College
laptop http://www.mariacollege.edu/academics
Albany NY
  • RN to BSN
Medgar Evers College-CUNY
laptop http://www.mec.cuny.edu/academic_affairs/science_tech_school/sci_ht_schoolhome.asp
Brooklyn NY
  • RN to Bachelor of Science In Nursing
Mercy College
laptop https://www.mercy.edu/academics/school-of-health-and-natural-sciences/
Dobbs Ferry NY
  • Online RN to BSN
Molloy College
laptop http://www.molloy.edu/academics/nursing-division
Rockville Centre NY
  • RN to BSN
Mount Saint Mary College
laptop http://www.msmc.edu/Academics/Academic_Divisions/Nursing
Newburgh NY
  • RN to BSN
Nazareth College
laptop http://www.naz.edu/health-and-human-services/nursing
Rochester NY
  • RN to BSN
New York City College of Technology
laptop http://www.citytech.cuny.edu/academics/deptsites/nursing/index.shtml
Brooklyn NY
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program for Registered Nurses (RN)
  • Online Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program for Registered Nurses (RN)
New York University
laptop https://nursing.nyu.edu/
New York NY
  • RN to BSN
Niagara University
laptop http://www.niagara.edu/nursing
Lewiston NY
  • RN to BSN Completion
Orange County Community College
laptop http://www.sunyorange.edu/nursing/index.shtml
Middletown NY
  • ADN to BSN
Pace University
laptop http://www.pace.edu/lienhard/
Pleasantville NY
  • Online RN to BS
Plattsburgh State University of New York
laptop http://www.plattsburgh.edu/academics/nursing/
Plattsburgh NY
  • Online RN to BSN
Queensborough Community College of CUNY
laptop http://www.qcc.cuny.edu/Nursing/
Bayside NY
  • AAS to the BS in Nursing
Roberts Wesleyan College
laptop http://www.roberts.edu/department-of-nursing.aspx
Rochester NY
  • Online RN to BSN
Sage Colleges
laptop http://www.sage.edu/nursing/
Troy NY
  • Online BSN for RNs
Saint Joseph' s College
laptop http://www.sjcny.edu/brooklyn/academics/programs-departments/nursing
Brooklyn NY
  • BSN for Registered Nurses
St. Francis College
laptop http://www.sfc.edu/page.cfm?p=486
Brooklyn Heights NY
  • RN to BS
St. John Fisher College
laptop http://sjfc.edu/academics/nursing/about/index.dot
Rochester NY
  • Online RN to BS Nursing
St. Joseph's College of Nursing
laptop http://www.sjhcon.edu/
Syracuse NY
  • RN to BS
State University of New York Downstate Medical Center
laptop http://www.downstate.edu/nursing/
Brooklyn NY
  • Online RN to BSN
State University of New York Empire State College
laptop http://www.esc.edu/nursing/
Saratoga Springs NY
  • Online RN to BSN
State University of New York Institute of Technology at Utica-Rome
laptop http://sunyit.edu/nursing
Utica NY
  • Online RN to BSN
State University of New York Upstate Medical University
laptop http://www.upstate.edu/con/
Syracuse NY
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • RN to BSN
Stony Brook University
laptop http://www.nursing.stonybrookmedicine.edu/
Stony Brook NY
  • Online Registered Nurse Baccalaureate
SUNY College of Technology at Delhi
laptop http://www.delhi.edu/academics/academic_divisions/liberal_arts/nursing/index.php
Delhi NY
  • Online RN to BSN
Trocaire College
laptop http://www.trocaire.edu/programs/
Buffalo NY
  • Online Bachelor of Science Hybrid
University at Buffalo - State University of New York
laptop http://nursing.buffalo.edu/
Buffalo NY
  • Online Registered Nurse Bachelor of Science
University of Rochester
laptop http://www.son.rochester.edu/
Rochester NY
  • Online RN to BSN
Utica College
laptop http://www.utica.edu/academic/hhs/nursing/index.cfm
Utica NY
  • Online RN to BSN
Wagner College
laptop http://www.wagner.edu/departments/nursing/
Staten Island NY
  • Registered Nurse to BSN
laptop http://www.york.cuny.edu/academics/departments/health-professions/nursing
Jamaica NY
  • Nursing RN to BS

Still Looking for a Nursing Program?

Here are some of the most popular nursing programs. On each page you will find a detailed writeup of the program, specific courses, and even schools that offer that program that are currently accepting applicants.