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Campbellsville University Bachelor RN to BSN Website
Sacred Heart University Bachelor RN-BSN - RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Website
Utica University Bachelor RN to Bachelor of Science Website
Benedictine University Bachelor RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) Website
Notre Dame of Maryland Bachelor RN-BSN Website

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We have 11 RN to BSN Programs in Wisconsin in our directory.

Nursing has remained one of the most popular career choices for determined individuals in the country. The state of Wisconsin provides a great place to live for its residents and is also a great place for nursing professionals. Offering numerous RN to BSN programs, Wisconsin is an ideal place to pursue a further degree in Nursing.

Reputable schools throughout the state provide degree programs that are relevant and useful in the field of nursing. With the addition of further education in nursing science, the programs are designed to increase the integrity of nursing professionals.

Nursing Program Options in Wisconsin

Universities all over the state provide RN to BSN programs for interested learners. Individuals that choose to invest time and effort into a higher degree program could be pleased with what this degree advancement program offers. Nurses easily have one of the most demanding careers in the country. The need for flexible scheduling is vital to individuals within this line of work.

Nurses tend to have unusual or long working schedules, so a program understands and provides flexible scheduling is the best option. Universities throughout the state of Wisconsin provide a versatile learning program that can fit the need of any busy nurse. Upcoming students can schedule courses during the day, night, or even online. The length of the program is one of the more attractive features.

A bachelor's degree program typically requires learners to invest 3-4 years of their time. RN to BSN programs in Wisconsin are about one year in length at most universities, with some programs only lasting a year. The curriculum in RN to BSN programs include in depth studies into nursing science as well as new studies in nursing. Having the most recent knowledge could ensure that nurses are the very best in the field.

As nurses gain the additional knowledge and experience, their platform for success grows rapidly. For individuals seeking an advantage in the healthcare field, RN to BSN programs are definitely the answer.

School Level Program Admissions
Methodist University Associate and Bachelor Online Associates and Bachelors Programs Website

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Ideal Candidates for RN to BSN Programs

Individuals that have a strong desire to help people through illness and injury are a perfect fit for the nursing field. As a state that weighs strongly on education, Wisconsin is a great place to pursue a higher degree in nursing. The benefits of a higher degree include outside employment opportunities and great promotional opportunities in a current position. Flexible schedules and relevant course work is what makes these programs worth the time and effort involved.

In order to be the very best professional available, individuals need to take the time to enroll in these programs. The added benefit of a better education could prove to be a tool for success throughout a professional lifetime.

Benefits of Advancing Your Degree

Degree advancement programs are the best way for nurses to stay ahead in their field. The nursing field is very competitive, so nurses are aware that they need something extra to attract potential employers. The courses taken throughout this program include laboratory studies as well as thorough coursework. Since most RN to BSN programs build on previously learned information, nurses are expected to have at least an associate’s degree before applying.

Most RN to BSN programs in Wisconsin requires that applicants are registered to work as nurses within the state prior to enrollment. The experience gained in earlier learning effectively prepares nurses for the heavy curriculum ahead. The information gained throughout this program could provide for a solid foundation to a promising career. During the program, nurses could prove their knowledge in the nursing field through testing and research.

This training will typically teach nurses to use the correct methods and ensure that each patient is treated with only the best care. As nurses master this level of training, their ability to successfully master the different aspects of this program is greatly increased.

Potential Career Paths After an RN to BSN is Earned

The nursing field is extremely important to medical science as a whole. For registered nurses in the field, it is clear that job availability is high and positions are constantly opening up. Professionals are drawn to the healthcare field, nursing specifically, due to its economic resistance.

The nursing field has continued to grow despite the ups and downs in the economy. For people wanting a career they can truly trust, nursing is a choice that should not disappoint. Deciding to invest more into a degree program is one of the best decisions a professional can make. A higher degree could provide for a stable way of life for professionals through an entire lifetime.

Professionals considering this advancement can find that it is well worth the time and effort involved to purse a higher degree program. To make the very most of a degree, nurses should consider this degree advancement program for a better way of life for years to come.

Career Trends and Nursing Salary Information for Wisconsin

Obtaining a better degree can be life changing for nurses currently working in the field. Financially, it can mean more in terms of salary per year in comparison to lower degree holders. The median salary for bachelor’s level registered nurses in the state of Wisconsin is $65,590, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The potential for growth in this field is beyond what can be expected by normal expectations.

Since nursing is a large part of the healthcare field, it is constantly influenced by technological advancements and innovations in health science. Research specialists are constantly changing the way that nurses conduct business each day. Nurses need to be up to date on recent standards so that they can ensure patients are getting on the best care. RN to BSN programs give nurses the skills that are needed to be the best practitioner. Wisconsin has numerous programs available depending on a student’s needs.

Fitting school into a busy working schedule is not a difficult task with convenient scheduling availability and the addition of online learning. Regardless of whether nurses are currently working in the field or not, there are programs designed to fit their needs. Pursuing a higher degree is one of the best choices a professional can make. There is no replacement for a great education, which makes a higher degree an asset that is irreplaceable by other means.

List of Programs

Alverno College
  • MSN Family Nurse PractitionerCCNE
Cardinal Stritch University
  • Online RN to BSN CompletionACEN
  • RN to BSN CompletionCCNE
Columbia College of Nursing
  • RN to BSN CompletionCCNE
Concordia University Wisconsin
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
Gateway Technical College
  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing Completion ProgramACEN
University of Wisconsin Green Bay
Green Bay
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • Online RN to BSN CompletionCCNE
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
University of Wisconsin- Madison
  • Online RN to BSNCCNE
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Eau Claire
  • Online RN to BSN CompletionCCNE
Viterbo University
La Crosse
  • RN to BSN CompletionCCNE

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