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Rhode Island is an ideal place to find a career. The small state provides anything but small opportunity for its residents, with a large number of citizens currently working in the healthcare field. Professionals in the state of Rhode Island are subject to a world of possibilities.

The nursing field as a whole has grown in popularity over the years, bringing in large numbers of new nursing professionals each year. The recent innovations in technology have contributed greatly to a change in expectations of nurses, allowing employers to update their requirements for applicants.

Featured Online RN to BSN Programs Accepting Applicants

University of Texas Arlington | Online Nursing Programs
✔ CCNE Accredited

The UTA RN to BSN program is 100% online, with flexible scheduling that allows current RN's to take courses either full-time or part-time to earn their BSN degree.

UT Arlington has the largest nursing program in Texas, and over 4,000 of the 6,630 nursing students are in the online RN to BSN program. Affordable program that can be completed in 13 months.

CCNE Accredited | 100% Online
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California State University San Marcos | Online Programs
✔ CCNE Accredited

100% online RN to BSN program is taught by the same award-winning, highly experienced faculty who teach on campus at California State University San Marcos (part of the California State University System).

CSUSM offers the unique opportunity to gain hands-on leadership and case management experience working in one of CSUSM's community health clinics. School of Nursing began in Fall 2006 with facilities made possible through a generous $2.5 million dollar donation by Palomar Health.

CCNE Accredited | 100% Online | Graduate in as few as 14 months
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Lamar University | Online Nursing Programs
✔ ACEN Accredited

The 100% Online RN to BSN program at Lamar University can be completed in as few as 13 months.

Online nursing classes are taught by the same professors who teach on campus and prepares graduates for professional nursing practice across healthcare settings.

ACEN Accredited | 100% Online | Can be completed in as few as 13 months
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Rhode Island RN to BSN Requirements

Although employers now require that nurses hold at least a bachelor’s degree, there are professionals working in the field that only carry associate’s level degrees. This can be a stressful change for those working in the field. However, Rhode Island provides RN to BSN programs for current nurses to further their degree levels without having to change their schedules or miss out on valuable family time.

These programs allow nurses to further their knowledge in the science of nursing as well as other relevant concepts. After completing these programs, nurses may re-enter the field as more qualified professionals. Throughout the state, RN to BSN programs are available in both in-person and online settings. Regardless of what a nurse needs, there is a program to fit them.

Accredited Online RN to BSN programs put a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree well within reach:
  • The University of Texas Arlington 100% Online RN to BSN program was adapted from UT Arlington’s on-campus program and restructured so prerequisites are now co-requisites and these may be completed concurrently with nursing courses. This unique delivery format is the most cost-effective and efficient way for a working associate’s degree (ADN) or diploma-prepared RN to advance to a bachelor’s-prepared RN, and is an affordable program that can be completed in 13 months.
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Curriculum and Educational Standards of Rhode Island

RN to BSN programs are the best way for nurses to better their career overall. Since the curriculum in these programs requires that nurses have some basic understanding in the subject of nursing, the program requires that applicants already have a lower level nursing degree and be registered as a nurse within their state.

The flexible nature of this program allows nurses to engage in coursework while still maintaining a busy work schedule. This state responded to the changing educational standards by providing a degree advancement program that can be completed in 1-2 years.

Depending on how many courses are taken a semester, students can complete the program in a year. Coursework in this program provide further knowledge into the diverse field of nursing, promoting research and application of new ways of caring for individuals.

Additional Nursing Skills

Communication skills are also taught during this program, which contributes to how well nurses can assist patients from varying backgrounds. Nurse that have previously worked hard to obtain an associate’s degree should be provided the opportunity to advance their degree in response to employers changing their standards.

Rhode Island’s RN to BSN programs provide nurses with the opportunity to better their professional lives without having to quit their current position or make any delicate life changes. The field of nursing provides so much assistance to the community that it deserves programs that help make better professionals.

Different RN to BSN Paths in Rhode Island

Nurses could be pleased to discover that the information learned through RN to BSN programs is relevant to the nursing field overall. Due to the short nature of the program, only the most important information is taught. The information gained throughout these programs prepares nurses for careers in higher tiers, even in management. Research oriented positions in nursing are vital to the nursing field as a whole.

The discovery of new nursing techniques provides vital information that can spread to every aspect of the nursing field, changing the way that nurses conduct every day responsibilities. In education, bachelor’s level nurses can help instruct in a university setting or work in elementary school settings. Regardless of which path is pursued by the learner, the information gathered through the coursework could provide for an excellent foundation for success. After completion of the RN to BSN program, nurses should have more freedom to find jobs that are more fitting for what they desire.

There could be nothing holding nurses in unwanted positions. Higher level positions of employment have very strict education and experience requirements that are easily satisfied by higher degree programs. Putting in the extra effort could provide a successful future for nurses choosing to take part in RN to BSN programs. In a world that is so fascinated with technology, education has grown to be a necessity for successful careers.

Regardless of whether students choose to take courses in-person or in an online setting, the curriculum can mold better professionals overall. Nurses are some of the most sought out medical professionals available. In order to be the very best nursing professional in a pool of graduates, nurses should invest time and effort into bettering their nursing degree. In the end, the investment could pay them back generously.

Nursing Career Trends in Rhode Island

The importance of nurses within the healthcare field is beyond what is expected by normal standards. Nurses have a wide range of responsibilities throughout healthcare facilities. They are relied on by patients for excellent care. Nurses work with physicians to provide direct care to patients in a variety of setting. A nurse is one of the first faces that patients see when entering into a hospital. In their time of need, patients need assistance dealing with health issues.

Nurses that move forward in their degree program find that the opportunity for advancement in their current careers is greatly influenced by their decision to better their lives. Employers want the most highly qualified professionals in higher positions, so that they may guide lower level nurses in an educated and valid way.

Average Rhode Island Nurse Salaries

Bachelor’s level nurses also earn more per year on average. Those in the nursing field at a bachelor’s level earn a median income of $75,510 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This salary provides a great lifestyle for those in the field and can even vary depending on where an individual works and how much previous experience is present.

Individuals that take part in degree advancement programs experience more job satisfaction, knowing that their ability to find meaningful positions could be heightened. For those seeking a better career experience, RN to BSN programs are the best route.

There is no better time than now to take part in one of Rhode Island’s RN to BSN programs. A better degree equals a better life for individuals willing to put in the work.

Full List of RN to BSN Degree Programs in Rhode Island

Featured Online Programs Currently Accepting ApplicantsAD
School Listings
Rhode Island College

Providence, RI

Nursing Degrees: RN to BSN
Programs: RN to BSN
Accreditation: CCNE: Bachelors Program, CCNE: Masters Program
Salve Regina University

Newport, RI

Nursing Degrees: RN to BSN
Programs: Degree Completion for RNs
Accreditation: ACEN: Bachelors Program
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 93.75% (2012)
University of Rhode Island

Kingston, RI

Nursing Degrees: RN to BSN
Programs: RN to BSN
Accreditation: CCNE: Bachelors Program, CCNE: Masters Program