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What is Adult Gerontology?
Nurses that seek a career that goes beyond the scope of a regular nursing degree have found degrees as an adult gerontology clinical nurse specialist give them exactly the edge they need to have a providing and fulfilling career. Like any other nursing specialty, nurses are expected to satisfy certain educational requirements prior to being approved to work in this field. Educational requirements paired with clinical experience will set the stage for a wonderful career in the field of nursing.

Adult Gerontology Degrees Online

Getting started in a career as an adult gerontology clinical nurse specialist begins with a great education. Finding an accredited university to get a degree is an important step, since all states require a degree from an accredited university.

Accreditation adds to the reliability of a degree program, as well as the versatility. As with most higher degree nursing programs, a Bachelor's degree in Nursing is recommended for undergraduate study as an admission requirement to the Masters level CNS program.

During the course of a bachelor's degree program, students are expected to learn the fundamentals of nursing. Nursing involves patient care, communication, and proper implementation of different medical techniques and procedures.

School Level Program Admissions
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Typical Curriculum for Adult Gerontology Programs

The curriculum in an undergraduate program begins with the very basic courses of anatomy and patient care and ends with very in-depth on the job training. Everything within the bachelor’s program is relevant to the information needed to go forward into higher degree programs.

For professionals with lower level nursing degrees, expedited degree programs are available throughout the country that transition associate’s level degrees to higher degrees depending on what path is desired. Regardless of what degree is held, there are options available to assist students in getting into a career path that will provide well for years to come.

Becoming a Registered Nurse

Obtaining RN status after graduation is also a requirement of most higher degree programs. After completion of an undergraduate program, graduates such research the requirements of their particular state, so that all steps are taken prior to enrolling in a higher degree program.

Master’s in Adult Gerontology Clinical Nursing

The adult gerontology clinical nurse specialist degree program is classified as primarily the master’s degree level. This program takes about 2 years to complete on average.

Program requirements for this classification include the need for status as a registered nurse prior to entry. Due to the heavy clinical requirement within this program, it is important that upcoming students have the necessary qualifications for the training that will be implemented.

While in this degree program, students are required to take courses related to health assessment, nursing theory, pharmacology, and research. Since this profession deals heavily with the varying disorders within the aging community, it is necessary that students be prepared to study a wide range of different topics.

Specialists within this field are trained to go well beyond the scope of traditional nursing. Dealing with complicated age-related disorders is a main priority for this field. Completion of this degree program is followed by state-specific certification requirements, which generally include additional supervised work experience and potentially a comprehensive exam.

After completing these different requirements, graduates will be released to work in the wide field of gerontology. There are a number of different settings in which specialists can find meaningful careers.

What Do Clinical Nurse Specialists Do?

Clinical nursing specialists with focus on gerontology provide a service to the elderly population that cannot be replaced. These specialists work hard to research the different complex disorders that plague the elderly population.

Adult gerontology clinical nurse specialists can work in hospitals, private practices, or even nursing home facilities. Some professionals even work as a consultant for nursing facilities that require an expert on staff. There is truly no end to the possibilities in this career path, as it provides a career that helps patients and the community.

Requirements for Adult Gerontology

There is a lot of education and experience required to be a part of this important nurse profession. Nurses in this field have worked hard to become a specialist in this very important field. From a career standpoint, this position provides well for its employees.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, adult gerontology clinical nurse specialists earn $102,670 on average per year. Salaries vary depending on location and experience. In order to get to this level of expertise, students must really take the time to understand the curriculum within their respective degree programs. The elderly population is one that truly deserves the best care available.

As a specialist in this field, individuals will be relied upon by medical professionals to provide recommendations and treatment options for adults in the aging population. As a career choice, this is one of the most fulfilling available in the nursing field. As the aging population continues to grow, more health care systems will be looking for qualified professionals to fill open positions. There is no better time than now to get started on the path to a great career.

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